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Port Aventura Spain’s top theme park. Opened in 1995, it lies between the towns of Salou and Vila-seca. PortAventura will transport you to far-off lands, where you will live an exciting adventure, for at least one day. The gorgeous Polynesian Islands, colourful Mexico, exotic China or the fascinating Wild West. The park is located on the coast of the Mediterranean with the shores of the Mediterranean sea offering you a warm welcome.

Warner Bros Park Madrid is a theme park located in the town of San Martín de la Vega, 29 km south of Madrid. Opened in April 2001, it is split into five themed zones, each based on scenes from Warner Brothers films set in different parts of America. Famous for its shows and its attractions, especially its pollercoasters such as Stunt Fall which is unique in Europe for its GIB (Giant Inverted Boomerang) of which there are only three in the world. The atmospheric setting and the details of the buildings, cars and streets in the venue faithfully capture the Warner Bros locations.

Book now your tickets for the Valencia Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe. Located in the heart of the Túria river, the Oceanogràfic is perhaps the most successful tourist attraction in the impressive City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. You can buy your ticket to the Oceanogràfic online in less than a minute, and access the venue directly through the lathes with your tickets downloaded on your mobile (not valid for tablets).

Loro Parque is a sub-tropical park, recreating the natural habitat for tigers, gorillas, chimpanzees, alligators, pelicans, jaguars, flamingos, sea lions, koi fish, titi monkeys and even a giant turtle from the Galapagos Islands. All these animals inhabit one of the most interesting leisure parks in the world. It has the largest dolphinarium in Europe and the biggest penguin enclosure in the world, housing over 200 penguins. Loro Park also has an impressive aquarium with over 3,000 marine species and a giant 16 metre-long tunnel that visitors can walk underneath and feel surrounded by sharks!


Immerse yourself in Atlantis Aquarium Madrid, one of the most innovative and attractive offers on the national scene located at the intu Xanadú shopping center. A concept of educational and participatory leisure that blends perfectly with family entertainment. Atlantis Aquarium Madrid has a space of 6,000 square meters where, both large and small, you will find fun and very educational activities. They will learn about the importance of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. In addition, they will immerse themselves in a great adventure, in which they will be able to become guardians of seas and rivers. And to live an even more extraordinary experience, Atlantis Aquarium Madrid offers activities such as guided tours and extended reality experiences.

Cabárceno Nature Park is no ordinary zoo, nor is it a natural park. It is a man-made nature area, created from the primitive beauty of the karstic landscape, situated above 750 hectares of an old open face mine. It is home to around a hundred animal species from all five continents, living in semi-freedom in large enclosures where they live alongside one or more other species.

Book your tickets Sendaviva and enjoy rides, shows and animals. Located in the town of Arguedas (Navarra), Sendaviva has attractions designed for fans of strong sensations and for the smallest of the house; activities to play and interact with animals from five continents; and quality shows guarantee a day of fun for everyone. Stay tuned Sendaviva offers we publish in different seasons.

Madrid Fun Fair (Parque de Atracciones de Madrid), is the most complete city leisure park in Spain. The history of Madrid’s fun fair goes back to 1969, with attractions such as El Tobogán, the Hall of Mirrors and the 7 Picos rollercoaster. Today the park is distributed over small zones, each with its own theme, offering innovative attractions such as the Tarantula or the Abyss, yet conserving the traditional feel of the old fun fair with its bumper cars and other attractions such as the Jungle and the Noriavisión ferris wheel.

The Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum is an essential appointment in Madrid, as it is one of the main museums in the city, the country and the world.
Its impressive collection of art captivates all types of audiences, having a catalog of nearly 1,000 exhibited works that range from ancient painting from the 13th century to the avant-garde of the 20th century.
The Collection includes such artists as Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Manet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Kandinsky, Hopper and Picasso.
In addition, the museum programs important temporary exhibitions that are featured in the city's cultural agenda. It also offers numerous actions for all audiences, especially young people: concerts, cinema, workshops and conferences, among others.

El Nuevo Museo de Cera de Barcelona abre sus puertas convertido en un museo del siglo XXI pero sin perder su impresionante arquitectura e historia. Utilizando nuevas tecnologías, figuras y escenografías distribuidas en 28 zonas, los visitantes disfrutarán de un recorrido por una parte de nuestra historia y de nuestro presente.
Ubicado en el corazón de la ciudad, en lo que fue la sede del Banco de Barcelona, el museo está habitado hoy en día por una representación de los personajes más emblemáticos de todos los tiempos.

Bioparc Valencia is a new generation zoo based on the concept of zoo-immersion, submerging the visitors into the animals’ wild habitats.Bioparc Valencia is committed to animal conservation, as well as to educating and raising awareness about the need to preserve their original ecosystems. But, going beyond ethics and conservation, Bioparc Valence is a magical world that offers exciting experiences in all the park’s areas and during each moment of your visit. A place to venture and discover wild animals in their natural habitat.

Bioparc Fuengirola promotes a new model of zoo based on respect for nature and species conservation, a model that has become an example in Europe. When we refer to Bioparc Fuengirola we are refering to a different kind of zoo. It is a zoo where the animals live together in areas which recreate their natural habitat, contributing towards their development on every level. To visit this park is like entering a genuine documentary about the deepest tropical jungles.


Isla Mágica was opened in 1997. In its 8 zones you will find attractions, shows and many more surprises: Seville: Puerto de Indias, in the Corral de Comedias, with magic shows and plays from the era. Maya Zone: ancient pyramids, abundant vegetation and the Temple of Terror. America’s Gateway: where a magnificent multimedia spectacular is shown at night on the lake Amphitheatre. Amazonia: from 2011 you can see the new jaguar and enjoy the excitement. The Font of Youth: the ideal place for the little ones. The Pirates’ Den: this is the pirate village where you can see spectacular action. El Dorado: Magnificent attractions including the Rapids of Orinoco or the Flight of the Falcon. The Metropolis of Spain is the most interactive zone to enjoy attractions such as Cinemoción.

Sierra Nevada is Andalusian ski and mountain resort. Located at the System-Penibético in the municipal districts of Monachil and Dílar, within the Natural Park of Sierra  Nevada, and offers over 100 kilometers of slopes. Due to its privileged location you can enjoy the beautiful weather during sports and admire the scenery. Pick up your pass at the central ticket offices and your equipment at the Al-Andalus hire centre.

Discover the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean at Terra Mítica Benidorm, the theme and amusement park that will make you travel directly to the history of Greece, Egypt, Rome, Iberia and the Islands.

Terra Mítica will make you enjoy your best summer days, with shows and attractions that will excite you and make your adrenaline levels rise.

The Javalambre ski resort is located in the heart of Gúdar-Javalambre, an area in the south of the province of Teruel and at just an hour and a half from Valencia. It is an area in the Iberian Mountain Range, where mountains, the steep slopes and the extensive black pine forests delimitate the numerous slopes of the various ski resorts. Since 1988 the Nieve de Teruel company has been working to improve the quality of its services and maintain the “Q” for quality symbol accrediting it.
If you want to learn how to ski, these resorts provide all the facilities for your initiation in this winter sport, as well as higher level slopes for the enjoyment of more experienced skiers.

On its 25th Anniversary, Futuroscope lets your imagination run wild. To celebrate, the park offers you an exceptional programme. Be amazed by iMagic, a unique show with magic and conjuring tricks, comparable with best performances in Las Vegas. Spend a fun-packed time with the strange Peuple du Futur characters, creatures from the year 2112 who have developed some very special skills. Come and see the many shows and activities happening throughout the year.
And since no anniversary is complete without a gift, discover the new “Futuroscope version” of the Little Prince in an adventure that will plunge you into a world filled with thrilling special effects.
This year we have masses of surprises designed especially for you...An IMAX® film festival with your favourite Futuroscope films to remember and relive your best times in the park. You are only 25 once, so don’t miss it. Dare to discover new experiences where you will find yourself at the centre of the action. Endeavour to try new and unrepeatable experiences that will unleash your wildest dreams. The Futuroscope Park in Poitiers (France) is a unique and original park, featuring highly unconventional attractions. Where adults and children alike can have fun while they learn by living in the future today!

La Molina is the oldest winter sports station in Spain with the first commercial ski lift in 1943. In its history it has collected sports and fun for all audiences. Most of its length is located in La Cerdanya, it has 61 skiable km spread over 54 slopes for all levels, a large snowpark and the largest super pipe in the Pyrenees.

It is a leading resort with a sporty and modern spirit that combines with its family side and activities for all ages. Kilometers of slopes for all levels, good snow and quality services. And if you want more La Molina + Masella, two stations a great ski area.

Grandvalira is the largest skiing area in the Pyrenees, providing 1,926 hectares of endless fun. It is composed of the sectors of Funicamp, Canillo, El Tarter, Soldeu, Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa. Grandvalira is the place to experience that inexplicable sensation; where you are tempted to say “just one more time” after skiing for 5 hours. You can enjoy every corner of Grandvalira, surrounded by wonderful people: the engineers who are real artists with the snow, piste experts who make the snow feel like cotton wool, top-class monitors, adventurers who’ll take you on a sleigh ride through the woods, cooks who serve up delicious meals and much more. Grandvalira is a headline act, offering something beyond a different experience and combining all the different sensations you know well. Can you help us to describe it?

You already know everything about Asterix’s adventures. Asterix, who defends the colours of Gaul better than anyone, entertained you when you were young. Return to the fun-packed era of the Gauls and the Romans with exciting attractions such as the Tornerre de Zeus, the biggest rollercoaster in Europe!, Goudrix where you will hang upside down seven times at the breakneck speed of 75 km/hour, La Trace du Hourra” and the Transdemonium ghost train.

Come and enjoy the snow at Pal Arinsal, one of the most traditional domains in Andorra! Check the different rates available for Ski Pass.

Enjoy Ferrari Land, a unique park in Europe. 70.000 m2 of pure fun in a theme park dedicated to the mythical Italian team. Come and discover an unprecedented experience and for the whole family that will not leave you indifferent. You can expect up to 11 attractions in which you can enjoy with the whole family, big and small.

The Valdelinares ski resort is located in the heart of Gúdar-Javalambre, an area in the south of the province of Teruel, and at just an hour and a half from Valencia. It is an area in the Iberian Mountain Range, where mountains, the steep slopes and the extensive black pine forests delimitates the numerous slopes of the various ski resorts. Since 1988 the Nieve de Teruel company has been working to improve the quality of its services and maintain the “Q” for quality symbol accrediting it.
If you want to learn how to ski, these resorts provide all the facilities for your initiation in this winter sport, as well as higher level slopes for the enjoyment of more experienced skiers.

Valencia’s Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is a unique complex dedicated to science and culture consisting of six large components: the Hemisfèric (IMAX cinema and digital films), the Umbracle (landscaped viewing gallery and car park), the Prince Philip Science Museum (innovative interactive science museum), the Oceanogràfic (the largest aquarium in Europe with more than 500 marine species) and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (offering opera performances). El Ágora building makes the complex a multifunctional centre.

Comprising one large central park in Teruel and 6 additional centres in 6 locations in the same province, Territorio Dinópolis combines science and fun allowing you to get close to the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Visit one, several, or all of them... It’s up to you! A journey back in time to 4,500 million years ago to hear the very first heartbeats on earth, you will discover how life emerged, along with some of the most extraordinary creatures to have ever walked the earth... The Dinosaurs!

It combines the entrance of the Oceanogràfic with the largest 4D Cinema in Spain, with 190 locations that reproduce different environments and adventures. Live in the projection room conditions such as wind, changes in light, aromas, snow, as well as vibration in the seats. Or take the Backstage Tour, a trip to the bowels of the largest aquarium in Europe, where you can discover its wildest side.

Meet the dolphins, seals, walruses and sea lions with Oceanogràfic activities. Enjoy sleeping among sharks, terriffic fun experience you can share with your friends. Activities designed for the whole family, where you can see the other side of the aquarium. Penguins fun, where Oceanogràfic monitors teach you how to feed them ... An experience you will never forget. Come and enjoy the Oceanográfic!

Venture inside Faunia, your nature theme park. Get ready to experience the full power of nature through your five senses: the heat and rain of the tropics, the freezing cold of the north and south poles, the darkness and danger of the night... and this isn’t all, because you’ll also feel the fluttering of butterflies, the creeping of the most terrifying spiders and the speed of the piranhas, as well as the penguins’ amusing walk.

Get your tickets to the Madrid Zoo Aquarium quickly and safely. You will enjoy one of the most important zoos in the world. 22 ha in the open air. You will see with your own eyes how panda bears, gorillas, Iberian lynxes or the more than 200 species that inhabit the spectacular Aquarium live. In high season you can enjoy interesting offers at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium. Are you coming to a ZOO in Capital Letters?

Barcelona Zoo is located in Ciudadela Park in Barcelona. Once the entry has been acquired, the amount will not be refunded under any circumstances. It is not allowed to leave the Zoo and come back with the same input. You must keep the entrance during the stay at the Zoo and show it to authorized if the requesting staff. It is strictly forbidden to touch the animals and feed them. Barcelona Zoo has three objectives: conservation, research and education. Receives numerous visits throughout the year, which is why we must respect the facilities and have appropriate behavior.

Reserve now your tickets for the Aquarium of Sevilla, and enjoy all the advantages of buying at Tixalia. Buy with security, we change the date if you can't go the scheduled day, get access to offers for large families and avoid the queues at the main box office. Spend a great day at the Aquarium of Sevilla, surrounded by turtles, sharks and giant octopuses, and don't forget to visit the Oceanarium, the main aquarium where bull sharks rest, because with more than 9 meters, is one of the deepest in Spain.

The Aquarium of Gijón puts at your disposal a tour of 60 freshwater and saltwater aquariums that will allow you to know in detail the flora and fauna of the world's seas. More than 2,000 cubic meters of water to recreate life in the Asturian rivers, the Cantabrian Coast, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Red Sea, the African Indian Ocean, the South Atlantic Ocean and the Subtropical Atlantic Ocean. All in two hours.

Salmon, eels, trout, sturgeon, box fish, bull sharks (almost three meters), gray and nurse live in the Aquarium of Gijón with the loggerhead turtles. These are just some of the 5,000 animals you can see during the visit.

The Aquarium aims to educate, disseminate and conserve the oceans. To this end, a "toca toca" zone has been created, where in small pools you can touch starfish, small fish or sea cucumbers.

You can not lose this!

Enjoy a day out with the family at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona, and discover the most important recreational and educational marine center in the world on Mediterranean themes.

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is a privileged place to get to know the bottom of the sea with all its inhabitants strolling through the 66 Mediterranean and tropical aquariums, where eleven thousand specimens of more than four hundred and fifty different species coexist. The largest and most spectacular Oceanarium, through which a transparent tunnel of more than 80 meters in length will bring you closer to the different types of sharks, moray eels, guitar fish, and many other species.

The permanent exhibition at Planet Aqua and Explora! It will show you the importance of the aquatic environment on planet earth and where the little ones can discover the world of the sea through the senses. You will also find at your disposal different services such as cafeteria, shop, auditorium and souvenir photo, among others.

Terra Natura is a new generation animal park where you will discover Zooimmersion, a new concept in habitat design that allows you to “touch” the animals through barriers which are invisible to the human eye. The 320,000 square metres occupied by this park just outside Benidorm is split into 4 zones or areas: Pangea, at the entrance to the park, America, Asia and Europe.

The Aqua Natura promenade leads you to the beach where you can lie on the sand, sunbathe and relax. Changing rooms, beach bars, over 1,000 metres of hair-raising water slides and exclusive bathing zones for children guarantee a fun-packed day out. This is a 40,000 square metre water park developed to ensure EVERYONE has a great time, since it has been designed with a wide field of view allowing parents to relax and sit back while their children play and enjoy themselves in the water.

Terra Natura Murcia is a new generation animal park where you will discover Zooimmersion, a new concept in habitat design that allows you to “touch” the animals through barriers which are invisible to the human eye.The 165,445 square metres occupied by this park in Murcia is split into two zones or areas: The African Savannah and Iberian Peninsula.At Terra Natura you can see more than 300 animals of 50 different species, 3 of which are in danger of extinction, and more than 500 examples of over 50 tree, shrub and climbing species from the region.

Mundomar is a marine and exotic animal park where you will meet variety of species such as: flamingos, turtles, sea lions, bats, parrots, penguins and much more. To spend a day at Mundomar is to take a journey amongst the world of sea mammals. It has a children’s park where the little ones can have fun on the slides, ramps, bridges and a huge assortment of swings and other attractions. There is also a restaurant, panoramic views, an aviary, dolphinarium and much more.

Selwo Aventura is located in Estepona (Malaga) and offers us a day of nature, adventure and animals at a very reasonable price. Above all, if we take into account the offers that Selwo Aventura launches throughout the year, in which we can combine our visit to Selwo Aventura with Selwo Marina and the Benalmádena Cable Car.

Book your tickets for the visit "Serengeti Safari" in Selwo Aventura, a tour of the reserve of the lakes in a 4x4 that will take you very near as impressive animals like giraffes and rhinos, and which number them with explanations of an expert guide. If you prefer something more intense, you can book tickets for the "Obama Visit", the same that made the family of the American president in August 2010, which can interact with the animals in the park or feed them in an exclusive guided tour which combines sections walk with others in a private vehicle. Make the most of your tickets for Selwo Aventura!

You can buy your tickets for Selwo Marina right now and completely safely. Come and enjoy the first Dolphinarium or the only Ice Penguinarium that exists in Andalusia, with the offers for Selwo Marina that we publish from time to time.

Book your tickets for the "Dolphin Encounter" or "VIP visit to the Penguins," a unique approach to be closer than ever to the animals, discover their lifestyle and description. If you prefer something more intense, you can book tickets for "bathroom with sea lions." This experience will make you enjoy more than ever, where three copies of these marine mammals interact with you. Make the most of your tickets for Selwo Marina!

Created in France more than 40 years ago, Puy du Fou is a new generation of parks that represents History through great and moving shows.
After an unprecedented success in its first season, the Puy du Fou Spain park returns on March 19, 2022.
Located in the heart of the mountains of Toledo, the visitor will find a magnificent natural space that houses historic towns, roads and sidewalks, and great shows that bring us closer to various moments in the history of Spain.
The shows cover the history of Spain and its great protagonists such as El Cid, Abderramán III, Colón, Isabel la Católica or Lope de Vega.
More than 300 actors, dancers, horsemen and specialists, 50 horses, 200 birds and 3,500 period costumes.
The 30 hectares of the park also host more than 20 artisan workshops, alijares and natural spaces in the heart of the Toledo mountains. It will feature inns, mansions and a wonderful end of the day with the night show "El Sueño de Toledo", recently named Best Show in Europe.
Coming to Puy du Fou Spain is the guarantee of living unforgettable moments, full of emotions to share with the family.
Puy du Fou España, History awaits you.

Promenades à cheval et à poney Get your Naturland tickets now and enjoy all the beauty of nature in the principality of Andorra. You will also discover a wide range of restaurants with proposals for all audiences, and an immense variety of outdoor activities that Naturland offers both for the elderly and the smallest of the house.

"The Soplao" is a mining term allusive to the air that is perceived hen shooting a gallery from another with less oxygen, of there the name of the cavity. It was discovered by miners who, around 1908, drilled the gallery called "The Isidra" with input "El Collao Prao" de Celis, flanked by high Peak Drill and Hugon and has the most wonderful views that we imagine. In range, from west to south, we can see the Asturian coast, the Sierra del Cuera, Peñamellera, the Naranjo de Bulnes and the Central Massif of the Picos de Europa. In the hills of our front and right behind Peñasagra Hozalba. Sierra southeast of Cordell and Pico Tres Mares.

El Acuario Fluvial de Zaragoza es el acuario fluvial más grande de Europa, tiene más de 2,5 millones de litros de agua, repartidos en 70 acuarios y acua-terrarios (se encuentra el tanque de agua dulce más grande de Europa, con 1,7 millones de litros de agua, y una profundidad de 9 metros) y acua-terrarios. Todos ellos se encuentran distribuidos en 3.500 metros cuadrados de instalación. En el Acuario fluvial de Zaragoza se propone un viaje a lo largo de 5 diferentes ríos que pertenecen a 5 continentes distintos: Nilo (África), Mekong (Asia), Amazonas (América), Murray-Darling (Oceanía) y Ebro (Europa). Aunque la gran mayoría de las especies animales exhibidas son peces, también se encuentran representados otros vertebrados como reptiles (caimán, serpientes, tortugas y varanos entre otros), mamíferos (nutria, tití), anfibios (ranas) e invertebrados (diferentes especies de corales, anémonas, insectos palo).

Oasis Park is a tropical theme park near the town of La Lajita, in the south of the island of Fuerteventura. Oasis Park in Fuerteventura is an open-air park with the largest number of camels in Europe. Here you can see a whole variety of exotic animals, including giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, chimpanzees, a large number of wild birds and much more. Entertainment is guaranteed at Oasis Park with its huge variety of shows and animal exhibitions, such as birds of prey, crocodiles, sea lions, and more.

The Parc Samà was built in 1881 coinciding with the cultural movement of romanticism, a new way of seeing the world where feelings prevailed over reason. This movement also came to gardening, so romantic gardens were designed with the premise of breaking with the rigidity and structure of the French garden and returning to nature, showing a desire often excessive for the wild and the exotic.
Parc Samà is said to be a paradise on earth. You'll see why as you cross hanging bridges, pass exotic statues, lush foliage, and picturesque ponds.
You'll see animals roaming freely, from fallow deer to blue and yellow macaws. Kids will love getting lost in the vegetable maze, a magical place designed to encourage sustainability!

En el Parque del Drago el visitante podrá contemplar uno de los seres vivientes más antiguos del mundo: El Drago Milenario. Este ejemplar declarado monumento nacional en 1917, es el más longevo de su especie con una edad
estimada de 1000 años. Además, es uno de los símbolos naturales, culturales e históricos más importantes de Canarias.

The Donostia Palacio del Mar Aquarium in San Sebastián was opened in 1928 at the initiative of the Oceanographic Society of Gipuzkoa (SOG). In fact, this was the first natural history museum to be set up in Spain. The museum is situated in the Palacio del Mar, built in 1928 by the Oceanographic Society of Guipúzcoa. The remains of the last whale to be captured in the Bay of Biscay are to be found here. The aquarium also features all the flora and fauna of the Cantabrian Sea, as well as an exhibition of the ship building process.

Come and discover thePortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park. This amazing water park will plunge you into a refreshing trip that will transport you to paradise in an aquatic adventure.In the Aquatic ParkofPortAventurayou can feel like a real pirate in search of hidden treasure that this colonial island hides. Are you ready to dive in on the fun?Wait no longer and come and cool off in the water park of PortAventura.

Opened in 2008, Siam Park is the biggest water theme park in Europe. 185,000 square metres of lush surroundings, natural gardens and an exquisite Thai-style architectural design make this new tourist resort a unique location where the whole family can enjoy a great day out, with adventure, excitement and where your adrenalin will certainly be running high. Each attraction is a unique experience in a magical setting, combining the exotic mystery of old Siam with exciting adventures and amazing water chutes.

Junto al Muelle de Cruceros y a 200 metros de la Playa de Las Canteras, en el céntrico istmo de la ciudad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria se ha creado una de las edificaciones emblemáticas de la isla y de Canarias. Un gran Parque temático de la Biodiversidad de nuestro Planeta Azul, tiene tres zonas: ecosistemas marinos de superficie, ecosistemas marinos profundos y especies de agua dulce.

Illa Fantasia is a water park for everyone and anyone who loves jumping down slides, getting wet and having more of an adventure than in the typical swimming pool during the heat of the summer. One such a place is Isla Fantasia, a popular, well established resort located in Vilassar de Dalt. The formula is simple: water attractions, many amenities and an area for events. The most important factors in this kind of venue are the water and its attractions. At Isla Fantasia there is certainly plenty of water, and quite a few attractions too!.

Enjoy the genuine water experience! A thrilling experience awaits you at Aqualandia Benidorm water park. Have a fantastic time in its 12 swimming pools, 17 water chutes, 10 children’s play areas, 75,000 m2 of garden areas, 22,000 m2 of free parking, restaurants, shops, etc. The NIAGARA, like something out of a film set, recreates a tropical beach where you can dive into its tranquil waters, or venture into mountain caves sheltered by waterfalls. We offer you a host of water attractions designed to ensure maximum enjoyment for a day out to suit your preferences.

Enjoy this magnificent water park located in Mallorca. Divided into 4 zones: Adrenaline Fun, Kidzworld, Family Fun and Chill out & amp; play. At Adrenaline Fun you will find the most spectacular slides with Black Hole, a 12m long tube-shaped dark slide, the rapids, anaconda or King Cobra, the aquatic attraction with the greatest visual impact ever created. Impressive, revolutionary, exhilarating and entertaining. At Kidzworld you will find Adventureland, the largest playground in Mallorca with 12 slides of all kinds or Polynesia, a tropical jungle where the little ones can have fun with water games and slides. Family Fun with the Multitrack, Grand Canyon and Surf Beach. At Chill out & amp; play, relax in your Jacuzzi.

Aquópolis in Villanueva de la Cañada is one of the largest water parks in Europe and one of the most well-established. It is one of Madrid’s two main water parks and is located just 25 minutes from the capital. Come and have a refreshing time this summer and enjoy yourself on our super slides, black holes, zig-zags, rapids, adventure lake, wave pools and a large children’s area.  In addition to fun, swimming pools and many splashes, there are also relaxation zones where you can sunbathe, sip on a cold drink or sample our extensive offer in food and drink.

Are you looking for fun? Don’t think twice, come to Aquópolis Tarragona water park. You will find us in the heart of Costa Dorada, next to La Pineda beach, 5 minutes from Salou, 10 minutes from Cambrils, Tarragona and Reus, and less than one hour from Barcelona. Fun is guaranteed at Aquópolis Tarragona for people of all ages. Everyone, from tiny tots to fully grown adults can enjoy our huge range of attractions including: Jacuzzis, wave pools, Great Lakes, Rapids, Kamikazes, Corkscrew Water Chutes, Boomerang, Soft slides, Black Hole, Splash and much more.

If you need a bit of aquatic fun, book now your tickets for Aquópolis Cartaya water park. Enjoy the sun, pools, slides and everything you need to refresh your summer. Located in one of the privileged zones of the Huelva coast, this water park will make you feel in full contact with nature. Get your tickets for Aquópolis Cartaya and with no queues!

Located in the south of Alicante, we find one of the most important water parks on the national scene: The Aquopolis of Torrevieja. You can book your tickets online easily, and in addition, buying cheaper than at the ticket office, which saves you the annoying entrance queues. You just hace to show you voucher at the booking ticket office and atner directly into the water park. Come and enjoy a great day soaking in the Aquopolis Torrevieja!

Aquópolis Torrevieja, the water park of Alicante, is situated in the centre of Torrevieja, in the Vega Baja region, in the south of Alicante province. It is the biggest and best leisure park on the Costa Cálida and south of Alicante. Aquópolis Torrevieja offers a whole range of attractions for adults and children alike, who are assured a fun-packed day at the park. You are sure to have a refreshing day at Alicante’s Water Park with its more than 15 attractions. Jacuzzi, Paradise, Speed,  Kamikaze, Zig Zag, Mini Zig Zag, soft chutes called "Speed Race", Mini soft chutes "Mini Speed Race", Rapids, Black Hole, Boomerang, Wave pool called "Waves Beach", Blue Lagoon, Zipwire,Tyrolean Crossing, Cascade,Waterfall, Mini Park and Slow River called "Amazonia River", classified by their thrill level: high, moderate and children’s.

This is a unique park in Portugal for the delight of children and adults alike. Here you will find water attractions such as: Wild Snake, White Fall, Lazy River, or the unmissable Wave Pool (the biggest in Europe). You can also enjoy other great attractions, including the Rollercoaster, the reptile show or the Portuguese History Museum.

Marineland Catalonia is a journey to the animal world, a journey among dolphins and sea lions… but it is also a journey full of adrenaline and excitement, with dizzying curves and twists, vertical falls and fun around every corner. A perfect mix between a dolphinarium and a water park for an audience of all ages. You will be able to enjoy the many spectacular slides for the more daring as well as the swimming pool areas and attractions for the little ones to spend a refreshing and fun day with family or friends.

Marineland Mallorca opened its doors in 1970, being one of the first marine zoos in Spain and Europe. Since then, it has established itself as one of the parks with the best dolphin show and the best number within the show in the world.

The Mallorcan park is committed to research and fun, offering its public, in addition to the renowned dolphin exhibitions, numerous shows of sea lions, parrots and exotic birds. It also has impressive aquariums, where the visitor will immerse himself in a journey through various marine species of the Pacific Ocean.

WESTERN WATER PARK is the largest water park in Magaluf and the only water theme park in Mallorca. 2 in 1 that ensure fun for the youngest adrenaline seekers and for families who want to spend a refreshing and different day. A true city of the American West. Buffaloes and the lazy river are welcome to continue onto the main street where the Bank, Sheriff's Office and Prison are located; all surrounded by spectacular slides where adrenaline and fun are guaranteed.

Located in the town of Albinayana (Tarragona), Aqualeon is a spectacular water park, located in a privileged natural environment. We invite you to enjoy with friends or family all the fun Aqualeon can offer you: Wave Pool, Kamikaze, Black Hole, Speed Race and much more ...

The Aquavera Water Park is located in eastern Almería, on Vera Beach, between the towns of Garrucha and Villaricos.
It is the perfect place to spend a day of refreshing fun. Feel the different sensations of its attractions: from the dizzying Kamikaze to the competitive Aquodrome, passing through the surprising Black Holes; the intricate Labyrinth of Slides with its twists, turns and jumps; the turbulent Rio Aventura, the shocking Tsunami or the swings of the wave pool. And if you want to relax, the Lago pool is the perfect place.
For the little ones, in the Aqualandia area, they will have the refreshing Splash Cube ready along with its slides, mushrooms and animals. Everything to suit you.
Get your strength back at the kiosk, bar and restaurant (freshly baked ciabatta, pizzas, hamburgers, menus, etc.), and have fun again. And if you need something sweet: waffles, crepes, fritters ... all warm and fresh
Aquavera also has a cloakroom service, safe deposit boxes, changing rooms, a souvenir shop, tattoos, a picnic area, large green areas and hammocks.
Everything you need to spend a refreshing and sunny day at Aquavera, Water Park.

Aquamijas is a proposal to enjoy as a family. in the center of the Costa del Sol. The park has aquatic attractions designed especially for children, even for the little ones. Discover the Rio Grande, the most visited attraction and the most repeated, you will not get tired of descending on an immense float. Laughter is assured! You will also have a great time on the sliding tracks. Live in first person an unequaled sense of risk! Everything is under control: the eyes of the numerous lifeguards of the park watch over your safety and that of yours. And speaking of risk, surely the most reckless will not hesitate to throw you for the kamikaze. And to rest from so much action, you can relax in the wave pool or in the bubble pool or simply lie down under an umbrella in the green areas that surround these places. Replenish your strength without leaving the Aquatic Park, as you will find restaurants and establishments ideal for a lunch, snack or a snack. Your stay at the Mijas Aquatic Park will be an unforgettable experience!

A paradise full of water attractions, water slides of a multitude of shapes and heights in which to feel strong sensations, enjoy moments of relaxation and watch as the little ones have fun at Children's Paradise, the children's water park. Is one of the largest water parks in Europe.

In Malaga, specifically in the town of Torremolinos, there is the largest water park on the Costa del Sol. Aqualand Torremolinos is divided into four areas so that the whole family can enjoy a refreshing day. Lovers of strong emotions find in Adrenaline Fun great slides such as the Spiral, the Boomerang, the Kamikaze, the Black Hole or the multitracks, ideal for groups of friends. At the other end is Chill Out & Play, with huge jacuzzis to relax in the best possible way. The little ones also have their space. In Kidzworld they have tropical lagoons, pools with obstacles and fun games. In addition, the wave pool will delight children and those not so young.

Located in El Puerto de Santa María, Aqualand Bahía de Cádiz is an ideal water park to spend a day of family fun. Divided into four areas (Adrenaline Fun, Kidzworld, Family Fun and Chill Out & Play), it has numerous attractions for all tastes and ages, from the fast-moving slides of the Kamikaze, the Cola del Diablo or the Super Slalom, to the tranquility of the Descent in the Congo River, passing through the guaranteed fun of the wave pools. The children have an area specially designed for them: soft tracks, adapted slides, labyrinths, water mushrooms ..., as well as attractions where they can share laughter with adults.

Aqualand Algarve is one of the best water parks in Portugal, located in the Algarve, one of the most touristic places in the neighboring country. In it, you will find areas specially designed for all members of the family, in which boredom has no place and the adrenaline will be continually overflowing. For those who need a break, we have built different chill out areas where you will find the relax you are looking for. For those who seek the most extreme fun combined with the highest speed, we have designed six attractions among which are the Rapids , where you will get on an inflatable donut to let yourself be carried by the force of the water. You will launch through huge slides in Crazy Race and with the Mad Jump, and you will take it to the maximum expression in Kamikaze and Banzai.

The only aquatic park and dolphinarium in the Canary Islands. A world of aquatic attractions for the whole family, is a universe of aquatic attractions where you can feel strong sensations, enjoy moments of relaxation and watch as the little ones have fun in Kidzworld, the paradise of children. The big stars that shine with intensity in the entertainment of the park are undoubtedly our DOLPHINS and their magnificent show awarded as the best show in the world. Enjoy the water!

Book your tickets for the Bernabéu Tour and come and discover the glorious history of Real Madrid, one of the most successful football clubs in the world. You can visit the Real Madrid Museum, where you will review the deeds of the great myths of Madridismo (Alfredo Di Stéfano, Hugo Sánchez, Zinedine Zidane, Raúl Gonzalez, etc.). Do not miss out on discovering the secrets of your favorite football team, get now easily and safely your tickets for the Tour Bernabéu.

The Silk Museum takes a historical tour of the importance of silk art in Valencia, shows its reflection in popular clothing and fashion, as well as the true dimension of this art, which placed the city on the mythical Silk Road and it made him live his years of splendor in the eighteenth century. Located in the old town, in the Velluters neighborhood, the Gothic building, from the 15th century, contains an important heritage wealth in its interior in the form of exquisite fabrics and pavements.

Are you a fan of FC Barcelona? Book your tickets for the Camp Nou Experience Tour! You will be able to visit the most emblematic places of the Stadium: VIP Box, bench, visitor dressing room, mixed zone, press conference room, benches ... The ticket also includes a visit to the special Leo Messi area. It will be a journey that no fan will easily forget.

Now you have the chance to visit Mestalla: meet the intimates places, discover the feelings that had been lived on the matches played there along the years. Go through the tunnel to visit the changing room, the bench, institutional zones like VIP boxes, the press room or the mix zone where press has interviewed players, presidents… and the Chapel. Now you can enjoy the new historical exhibition of Mestalla Stadium. On this guided tour you can visit during 1 hour all the history of Valencia’s CF with the possibility of audio guides on Spanish or English.

Visit Territorio Atleti, a space where you will find one of the most interactive and immersive museums in the world and also, where you can visit all the corners of the Atlético de Madrid stadium with the Wanda Metropolitano Tour, including the Presidential Box, Press Room, Local Changing Room , foot of field, bench and mixed zone.

The new museum occupies an area of ​​1,400 square meters where it is possible to review in a fun and interactive way the centennial history of the club, as well as the characteristic values ​​that identify the Atléticos.

Visitors will soak up the athletic sentiment that is deeply rooted in Madrid but with a large following of fans around the world. They will also relive all the successes founded on the values ​​of humility, teamwork and sacrifice, told in the first person by current and historical players who will bring them their experiences first-hand. They will know the athletic feeling, inherited from parents to children and the way of being of the fans that makes it unique in the world.

In short, a unique space in which a multitude of historical objects coexist with an immersive interactive experience that goes through an athletic time tunnel in which unique, relevant and characteristic moments of its history are relived. Touch and interactive screens, binoculars, large projectors, interactive phone booths, virtual reality and interactive games will make all visitors the first-person protagonists of athletic history.

At the Maritime Museum of Cantabria visitors have the opportunity to venture into the deep world of marine biology, fishing traditions, and the history and technology of the Cantabrian fishing industry and its influence on the world. The Maritime Museum of Cantabria has large, modern aquariums with over 3,000 square metres of exhibits displaying the relationship between humans and the sea over the course of history.

Come and discover the metamorphosis of Grévin waxworks museum. Experience the spirit of Paris of the past and present in amazing scenery: the great moments of the 20th Century, the history of France and its present day. Bar, theatre, artists' workshop... many legendary Parisian locations where you can rub alongside Paris society. 300 wax figures are ready to meet you; take your photo with them and have an unforgettable time.

In contrast to the usual exhibitions of painting, sculpture or photography, there is a museum which stands apart from the rest, with amazing exhibits for young and old alike. Madrid’s Wax Museum, with over 500 figures on display, is a different way of learning about both the ancient and recent history of Spain, through replicas of the leading figures from each period in time.

The lovers of terror are in luck thanks to the arrival in Sendaviva of the sinister event 'No Exit Horror Nights', where eleven experiences of extreme terror spread throughout the park. Sendaviva has prepared its particular 'scream park' for adults who are passionate about fear, a nocturnal experience only recommended for people over 16 years old, where the largest concentration of terrifying passages spread over fewer square meters across Europe will be covered.

Cerler is the highest altitude resort in the Aragon Pyrenees. Located in the valley of Benasque, its highest point is the Gallinero peak at 2,630 meters, making it the Pyrenees ski resort with the largest altitude difference: 1,130 meters. The beautiful scenery around the resort, with more than 60 peaks over 3,000 meters high, make Cerler an attractive resort due to its beautiful natural surroundings.

Formigal-Panticosa is the largest domain in Spain, the realm of experiences to experience the snow in a different way, to enjoy these mountains, travel with the little ones, as a couple or with friends. With good communication with the big cities, it offers 182 kilometers, six valleys through which to travel on the boards with options for the more ‘pro’ and also for those who take their first steps.The station is made up of two different sectors separated by ten kilometers -Formigal and Panticosa-. Both complexes share a ski pass and are connected by a ski-bus, which operates daily and free of charge during the season.

The Panticosa ski resort is the most family oriented resort of the Aramón group. Located in the village of the same name, this is a family winter resort which has modernized and improved the quality of its facilities over the years, extending its offer to every kind of ski enthusiast. It has a total of 35 kilometers of ski slopes on 41 slopes of different levels, always having the skier in mind. There is a zone for beginners with moving walkways for their convenience. The snow garden also has a moving walkway where your children can take their first steps in the snow.

Situated in La Cerdanya, with over 72,000 km of slopes on 62 pistes (Bosc d’Alp, Cap del Bosc, Coma Oriola, Coma Pregona, Coms de Das, La Pia, La Pleta, La Tosa, and Pla de Masella) and 15 ski-lifts. Here you can ski down the longest piste in the Eastern Pyrenees (Dues Estacions). During the 2010-2011 season its skiable area was doubled thanks to the Alp 2500 project which connects it with La Molina resort through Tosa D'Alp, thus creating one of the largest skiing domains in the Pyrenees, with 100 km of slopes. You can enjoy magnificent views here, making your trip to Masella more than just a skiing holiday.

Situated in the valley of Aragón, 33 km from Jaca, this resort created in 1976 has 39 km of skiable pistes. Its highest peak is La Raca, at 2,300 metres, and it has an altitude difference of 300 metres. It is considered a top tourist destination for winter sports and is backed by the Q for Tourism Quality certificate awarded by the ICTE in 1999 and renewed in 2001. Its strategic fan-shaped east to west facing orientation, protecting it from the wind, and its artificial snow allows you to ski to the bottom of the resort every day of the season.

It is situated at the source of the Aragón River, next to the Somport mountain pass and 2 km from the French border. Visitors will enjoy the appeal of the outstanding beauty of its mountains, the variety of pistes, its ease of access, its sporting and family ambience and the welcoming residential complex with every kind of facility. Includes 44 pistes and 27 ski-lifts. As well as being the first ever ski resort in Spain (opened 1928) it was also the first to introduce the famous “Skiing Lessons”.

Book your tickets for Caldea in less than a minute, and enjoy the pleasures of thermal waters in all its forms. In the Thermoludic, the largest spa in Caldea, you will experience all the states of water, in a playful way, in spectacular facilities. This is not a traditional spa, nor is it a conventional spa. Access here is allowed for people over 5 years old and is ideal for families, young couples and groups of friends. Guaranteed fun!

When you buy your tickets to INÚU (Caldea), you will be opening the door to a new world of sensations, which only the best Wellness Centers in the world can offer you. Hire any of our INÚU experiences to take away the stress of everyday life, and enjoy the most absolute relaxation individually or as a couple.

Reserved for people over 16 years of age, you will enjoy unique waters because they gush at about 70 ° C and are rich in sulfur, minerals and sodium and unctuous like thermal plankton. Used in a natural way, they produce an anti-allergic, healing, decongestant and anti-allergic action. Disconnect in the middle of nature.

Enjoy the fastest way to climb Teide. When you get down from the cable car cabin you will be at 3,555 m high and you will have before you different options to enjoy the impressive landscape of the largest National Park of the Canary Islands.

During the day you can:
- Go up and down Teide by cable car: Every day

You can also enjoy the sunset on Mount Teide with any of these proposals:
- Cable car at sunset: Friday
- Night observation: During September and October on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. During November and December on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The Cable Car in Benalmádena offers you a spectacular 15 minute journey in modern, comfortable telecabins, each with a capacity for 4 people. It takes you from the coast of Benalmádena to the top of Mount Calamorro, one of the highest points on the Costa del Sol, at 800 metres above sea level. Here you can admire a magnificent landscape and enjoy a complete range of attractions for visitors of all ages.

One of the most emblematic and popular tourist locations of Cantabria is Fuente Dé, at the source of the Deva River, and at the foot of the Picos de Europa. From here you can easily climb up to the Puertos de Aliva, which is a reason why Fuente Dé is so popular with walkers. One of its attractions is the Fuente Dé Cable Car which travels the 753 metres of altitude difference between the departure station at Fuente Dé (at 1,094 metres) and the Cable Viewpoint (at 1,847 metres) in an instant. The vantage point is a balcony overlooking a void, with an incomparable view of the scenery.

Boí Taüll Resort is the camp base for the most demanding skiers. For those looking for action and relaxation. Day and night. Quality snow, but also in great quantity. Situated in the Pyrenees of Lleida, the Boí Taüll Resort offers skiers everything they need to enjoy their favourite sport at its maximum level. With the highest altitude in the Pyrenees (2,751 m highest altitude and 2,020 lowest altitude) and a privileged north-facing position, the resort guarantees top quality snow.

Palmitos Park is a zoological-botanical theme park located 10 km away. from the Maspalomas Lighthouse. A subtropical oasis nestled in a wonderful natural environment on the island. Its collection includes species of animals and plants from the 5 continents. The best of nature concentrated in a unique place. Visit the impressive dolphinarium with its spectacular show, the aquarium, the butterfly house and enjoy the incredible show of birds of prey, the show of parrots, meerkats, alligators and much more.

Jungle Park is the only true jungle in Europe with wild vegetation that is home to more than 300 animals. More than 100 different species and 2 incredible exhibits that you will not be able to forget. Animals, nature, fun… .discover this fascinating jungle. The spectacular raptor free flight display will surprise you. Keep your eyes wide open so you don't miss out on the most hectic scenes of speed and power in its purest form. And the family of Sea Lions will impress you with their natural abilities in and out of the water in an incredible display. And if the park seemed little to you, the beauty and color of birds from all over the world are not lacking: marabou, cranes, ibis, flamingos, swans, storks, parrots, macaws, parrots and countless exotic birds.

The ski resort of Vall de Núria is located in the Valle de Nuria. A small ski resort familiar and welcoming, equipped with a snowmaking system that allows skiing or snowboarding throughout the season. The views are magnificent, surrounded by peaks of 3000 meters of altitude. The only way to access the station is by the single rack railway in Spain. It has all the usual services in these centers, ski school, restaurant, hotels, shops, telephones, even has a library-map and an auditorium.

Espot Esquí is a ski resort that enjoys a privileged position in the Pyrenees, is the only station next to a National Park, The Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici. The station has over 20km of pistes and 1,000 meters of Slope. The station is famous for the numerous competitions in all winter disciplines sports that held every year, both nationally and internationally. The tracks are characterized for being within lush forests of black pine. Also the beautiful views of mountains in over 3000 meters, makes the skier sitting in full alpine nature. Espot Esquí is renowned for the quality of its snow, guaranteed to have over 60% of the ski area with artificial snow.

The ski resort of Port Aine is located in the town of Rialp, Lleida. It is situated in Pallars Sobirà, next to Aigüestortes National Park, is a pretty young season but is a one of the largest sports center in Europe. The tracks are located in a central area where the cafeteria is located, making it highly recommended for family skiing. It's hard to miss in this season. It has a privileged orientation, that snow is kept in great condition throughout the season, including lengthening.

Las visitas a la plaza de toros de Las Ventas se realizan con un audioguía disponible en 8 idiomas cuyo alquiler está incluido en el precio de la entrada. Los menores de 5 años entran gratis. La visita incluye también el bonito museo taurino donde podrán ver desde trajes de Manolete hasta la tauromaquía de Goya.

Live a unique experience, a ride on a Segway, bicycle or on foot through the best places in the city of Valencia in a different and fun way.

Discover Valencia from a different angle. Enjoy a panoramic guided tour of the city of Valencia in a unique vehicle: a modern double-decker bus offering you a different view of the city, with the best multilingual audio system in 8 languages (Spanish, Valencian, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and German) with a headset per person. Three routes to choose from: Historical Valencia, Maritime Valencia or the Albufera.

Explore the city in comfort aboard a double-decker sightseeing bus. Discover the city in detail with the same ticket. Get on and off these buses as many times as you want and enjoy Madrid at your leisure.

Route 1 (blue) will take you to know the Historic Madrid. This circular tour includes a complete historical, artistic and monumental circuit in which you will visit the landmarks of the city. Walk through the beautiful trees of the Paseo del Prado and admire the magnificent architectural jewels of the legacy of the royalty of the Habsburgs. Come to the Art Triangle of Madrid and take the opportunity to fully explore some of its museums.

Route 2 (green) runs through Modern Madrid. Discover the city beyond the historical landmarks and monuments to royalty. From the Atocha Station to Nuevos Ministerios and from the emblematic Puerta de Alcalá to Puerta del Sol. Admire the most contemporary architectural works of the capital of Spain on a tourist itinerary that will bring you closer to the imposing KIO Towers, to contemplate the modern sculptures of the Museum of Public Art and the Real Madrid stadium, the Santiago Bernabéu. Discover the life, art and new customs of Madrid on this itinerary.

They will give you a map-guide with all the details of the service, as well as a checkbook-discount for various establishments in the capital. Depending on the time of year, the frequencies of passing through the stops range between 7 and 15 minutes. Each route lasts approximately 80 min.

Explore the city in comfort aboard a double-decker sightseeing bus. Discover Barcelona in detail with the same ticket. Get on and off these buses as many times as you want and enjoy the city at your leisure.

The Western Route (orange) will allow you to discover the city beyond its emblematic modernist buildings. The itinerary covers an extensive circuit that will take you to all the landmarks in the extreme west of the city, such as the Camp Nou or the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Visit one of the two museums and get on the bus again when you have finished your visit. Head to el Born for wonderful cuisine and a picturesque atmosphere. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

The Eastern Route (green) will take you through the most artistic part of the city. Capture the fabric of modernist buildings. Relax aboard these buses as you tour Barcelona. From Plaza Catalunya to Park Güell, admire the most impressive landmarks in this part of the city. See the Sagrada Familia and marvel at the great number of details and symbolism present on its facades. Learn about the history of the city and discover all the secrets it hides.

They will give you a map-guide with all the details of the service, as well as a checkbook-discount for various establishments in the capital. Please bear in mind that depending on the time of year the frequency of passing through the stops varies.

Have fun getting to know the most fascinating places in Granada aboard an urban train. Create your own itinerary, get on and off the train at your leisure and discover one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Go up the Alhambra Route during the day to visit the most important places in the city. Approach the impressive monument of the Alhambra, enjoy the views from the Mirador de San Cristóbal or marvel at the Cathedral of Granada, among others. Discover another side of the city aboard the City Center route. Admire the charm of Granada under the city lights and the nightlife.

Choose between the two ticket options offered, take a one-way trip around the city or enjoy the experience of getting on and off as many times as you want at any of our stops. Create your own itinerary to see the city and discover up close the points of interest located near our stops. Explore Granada at your own pace marveling at its rich architecture and heritage. Both routes can be completed on the same day.

Meet the city of Cuenca, one of the main monumental groups of Spain, making the panoramic tour with audio guide with the Tourist Train of Cuenca.You will travel in a unique vehicle due to its characteristics: a fun train from which you will discover a different view of the city.

Spectacular in its exterior and pure emotion in its entrails. Discover the ins and outs of one of the most important architectural works in the world, its spectacular stages and rooms that combine harmony and perfect aesthetics.

Valencia is a city that fuses avant-garde, tradition, art, urban and nature. In these guided tours you can experience this great combination visiting the most important points of the city and knowing all the history and secrets that surrounds it.

2 days of unlimited possibilities!

More than 100 discounts on museums and places of interest in the city, visits and tours, leisure and entertainment, nightlife, shops, restaurants, unique means of transport and other services.

City Sightseeing is one of the world leaders in tourist bus routes, which offers information on history, culture and points of interest along the tour in several languages. The buses are red and shiny, and are well known all over the world. Excellent service, environmental and social sustainability, and above all responsibility. A way to visit the different cities of the world and thus profit from their culture.
Visit Benalmádena with the City Sightseeing buses. With the Hop-on Hop-off system you can enjoy a ticket for 48 hours. This tour has 11 stops that go through the center of Benalmádena and its coast. The City Sightseeing red bus stops are close to major tourist attractions.

Combine your purchase on the tourist bus with the entrance to the Butterfly Park or Sea Life aquarium!

City sightseeing is one of the world leaders in tourist bus routes, which offers information on history, culture and points of interest along the tour in several languages. The buses are red and shiny, and are well known all over the world. Excellent service, environmental and social sustainability, and above all responsibility. A way to visit the different cities of the world and thus profit from their culture.

Cádiz is the most southern city in Spain. With this bus route and the Hop-on Hop-off system, you will visit Cádiz, you will know its most important monuments and its best beaches. The route has 12 stops near tourist sites, both in the center and on the coast.

CitySightseeing is one of the world leaders in tourist bus routes, which offers information on history, culture and points of interest along the tour in several languages. The buses are red and shiny, and are well known all over the world. Excellent service, environmental and social sustainability, and above all responsibility. A way to visit the different cities of the world and thus profit from their culture.

Córdoba is one of the Andalusian cities with the greatest tourist interest. Enjoy this land full of Roman and Arab elements with City Sightseeing. Your Hop-on Hop-off ticket includes the tour on a double-decker bus around the city. You have the facility to travel it at your own pace. For 24 hours, you can use your ticket as many times as you want. You have two bus lines so you don't miss a thing and two guided walking routes to the Jewish quarter and the Axerquía. Make your visit an experience!

City Sightseeing is one of the world leaders in tourist bus routes, which offers information on history, culture and points of interest along the tour in several languages. The buses are red and shiny, and are well known all over the world. Excellent service, environmental and social sustainability, and above all responsibility. A way to visit the different cities of the world and thus profit from their culture.

With these tourist buses you will take a tour of the best places in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Each of its 12 stops connects to an essential tourist attraction on the island. Enjoy the tour with your 24-hour ticket and discover Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from the top of these double-decker buses.

City sightseeing is one of the world leaders in tourist bus routes, which offers information on history, culture and points of interest along the tour in several languages. The buses are red and shiny, and are well known all over the world. Excellent service, environmental and social sustainability, and above all responsibility. A way to visit the different cities of the world and thus profit from their culture.

Don't miss a thing! Get on the red City Sightseeing bus and get to know Malaga. The red line has 14 bus stops, with this route you can get to the most important places in Malaga. The green line, with a shorter route (5 stops), will take you to the La Rosaleda Stadium or the Botanical Garden.

City Sightseeing is one of the world leaders in tourist bus routes, which offers information on history, culture and points of interest along the tour in several languages. The buses are red and shiny, and are well known all over the world. Excellent service, environmental and social sustainability, and above all responsibility. A way to visit the different cities of the world and thus profit from their culture.

Palma de Mallorca offers many tourist activities. Get on this bus and see the island from the convertible floor. This route has 20 stops, each of them will show you a part of the essence of Mallorca.

City sightseeing es uno de los líderes mundiales en rutas turísticas en autobús, el cual ofrece en varios idiomas, información sobre la historia, cultura y puntos de interés a lo largo del recorrido turístico. Los autobuses son rojos y brillantes, y son muy conocidos en todo el mundo. Excelente servicio, sostenibilidad ambiental y social, y sobre todo responsabilidad. Una forma de recorrer las diferentes ciudades del mundo y lucrase asi de su cultura.

City sightseeing is one of the world leaders in tourist bus routes, which offers information on history, culture and points of interest along the tour in several languages. The buses are red and shiny, and are well known all over the world. Excellent service, environmental and social sustainability, and above all responsibility. A way to tour the different cities of the world and thus profit from their culture.

Get on this red bus and enjoy the views of the city of Seville. This tour has 14 stops. Each stop connects to a major tourist attraction in Seville. Take photos from the convertible floor of our double-decker bus and don't miss a thing!

City sightseeing is one of the world leaders in tourist bus routes, which offers information on history, culture and points of interest along the tour in several languages. The buses are red and shiny, and are well known all over the world. Excellent service, environmental and social sustainability, and above all responsibility. A way to visit the different cities of the world and thus profit from their culture.
Get on the red City Sightseeing Toledo bus! View Toledo from the convertible floor of these buses, enjoy its wonderful views. This route has 10 stops distributed throughout the important areas so that you do not lose any detail. With the Hop-on Hop-off system, you can ride as many times as you want on the tourist bus for 24 hours. Includes Walking tour of the historic city center or the cathedral and entrance to the Alcázar.

Casa Batlló is one of Antoni Gaudí's architectural masterpieces and an iconic modernist landmark. Located on Passeig de Gràcia, this building stands out from the rest due to its striking design and color. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Casa Batlló has transcended the concept of a building to become a legendary icon of art, architecture and art nouveau. Here, light, color and shapes interact with wood, glass, ceramics and quarry stone in Gaudí's fantastic style.
Visit the legendary mezzanine, where the Batlló family lived; The attic, where the warehouses and laundries were located; The rooftop, with its iconic chimneys and the amazing light well that houses the staircase once used by privileged neighbors.

One of the most authentic excursions that can be done in Barcelona is to board the best known swallow in Barcelona. And it is not a bird, it is a boat that will walk you to enjoy a good time of sea breeze while you travel through Port Vell, the coast of Barcelona and enjoy some curious and attractive views with a Mediterranean flavor. Get on board this iconic boat!
Las Golondrinas offer you two unique excursions from Port Vell: the Barcelona Port Route of 40 minutes and the Barcelona Mar Route of 1 hour and a half.
Going up to 'Las Golondrinas' is a classic, with more than 130 years in the port of Barcelona, which we recommend you do not miss.

Casa Vicens, the first house of Gaudí, and the first important work of the architect, makes available to the visitor one of the key pieces of Antoni Gaudí's artistic career: the work that marked his point of Departure, an architectural gem which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005.
Constructed between 1883 and 1885 by order of Mr. Manuel Vicens, Casa Vicens is one of the first masterpieces of Modernism, the anticipation of the later work of Gaudí and a vivid example of the airs of aesthetic renewal that were breathed at the end From the 19th century to all of Europe.
Originally, it was projected as a holiday home with a garden, in which geometric shapes and rich ornamentation, inspired by the surrounding vegetation, are present both in the exterior of the house and in the Its different interior spaces

More than 2,000 m2 of gallery space exhibits nearly a thousand pieces, including sarcophagi, mummies, jewelry, and amulets, to give us a better understanding of the everyday life and prevailing customs of the ancient civilization of the pharaohs.

The Barcelona Card is the official card of the city. Discover many of Barcelona's cultural and leisure activities, free or at a reduced price, with the Barcelona Card. You can move by train to the airport, use the city's public transport for free, as well as having free access to some museums and over 70 discounts.
Includes: Free museums and more than 80 discounts for all major attractions, shows and much more. Barcelona Shopping Card: a card that offers unique advantages in more than 80 stores in Barcelona. Unlimited travel on public transport. Guide in six languages (English, Catalan, Spanish, French, German and Italian) that includes information about free offers and discounts with its location on the city map. Transportation to the Airport (Metro, Train and Bus).

A space of more than 2500m2 within the only Estrella Galicia factory.
Much more than a Museum in which to learn about the origins, discover the beer culture and live an experience with the five senses.
MEGA is an exhibition space with an experiential and informative nature that not only addresses content related to the company and its history, but also brings visitors closer to the brewing world in general with a multitude of events that relate beer to different disciplines and that allow visitors to see, smell, touch, taste and feel the beer, its history, the styles from different points of view.

Live an unforgettable experience on the coasts of Fuerteventura! The Odyssee 3 excursion will be one of the best memories of your vacation.
From the hand of your crew you will receive a warm welcome before leaving the port. In different languages ​​they will give you all the necessary information to enjoy the trip. Always accompanied by good music, you will go along the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura and you will be able to see with your own eyes the richness of its landscapes.
Already in the open sea you will be attentive to the possibility of making sightings and with luck we can see different varieties of fish, turtles, dolphins or whales in the middle of the Natural Park of Jandía. You will have the opportunity to go down to the underwater viewing area to see this incredible spectacle up close. Even the little ones will have the opportunity to get to know the cockpit, an experience they will never forget. Odyssee 3 is one of the few blue flag ships on the island authorized to make whale watching.
Then you will make a stop to have fun with the water activities: you can bathe, snorkel, kayak, slide down the slide, take a trip on the fast boat, or you can simply relax in the sun, if you wish. During this stop you will also enjoy a delicious Canarian lunch and exclusive cocktails.

Enjoy a day full of unforgettable adventures and fun in the midst of the crystal clear waters of the southern coast of Fuerteventura! Live a real pirate journey accompanied by all your family and friends. The Pirate Adventure will be one of the best memories of your vacation in Fuerteventura.
Get to know the Gulet Pedra Sartaña, which is one of the last freight sailing boats in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and is part of the living history of the Spanish Navy. In addition, it is currently one of the few ships on the island with a blue flag, authorized to make whale watching.
The friendly pirates will welcome you with a warm welcome and in different languages ​​they will give you all the necessary information to enjoy the trip. Always accompanied by good music, you will navigate through the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura and you will be able to see with your own eyes the richness of its landscapes.
Learn how to hoist sails, tie knots, and maneuver with pirates. You will have a day full of activities and games with prizes and rewards. You can also swim and snorkel, if you wish. Without forgetting, that you are going to enjoy a traditional Canarian lunch, accompanied by a good drink.
You will always be attentive to the possibility of making sightings and with luck we will be able to see different varieties of fish, turtles, dolphins or whales in the middle of the Jandía Natural Park. You will have the opportunity to see this incredible show up close.

Wear your swimsuit and enjoy a memorable experience!

Tour of Benidorm, the beaches and the most representative buildings. In the Levante area, you will walk along the well-known Avenida del Mediterráneo and the most spectacular views of Benidorm and the Sierra Helada viewpoints. In the Poniente area, you will go through Mont-Benidorm and arrive at the Hotel Bali and the Torre Intempo.

Enter the world of Catalunya en Miniature! The alternative you were looking for to spend a different and original day.
A theme park where you will find the exhibition of 1:25 scale models of Catalonia, declared of National Tourist Interest, which was created to make the most representative monuments and buildings of the Catalan lands known to the whole family.
You can also enjoy an adventure park for young and old where getting lost in the trees, climbing a pine trunk or hanging from zip lines is possible. The adventure park has 4 circuits of 3 levels of difficulty; children, medium and extreme… and also a 150 meter zip line.

The Real Parroquia de los Santos Juanes is one of the so-called foundational parishes established in Valencia after the Christian conquest of the 13th century. In the fourteenth century it was included within the urban fabric of Valencia, in one of the busiest enclaves in the city, between the Central Market and La Lonja. The rehabilitation works that are being carried out, thanks to the patronage of the Hortensia Herrero Foundation, will recover the brilliance of a historically very important place in the city.

Conocida como la Capilla Sixtina valenciana, San Nicolás es una parroquia con más
de 700 años de historia y con una bóveda que alberga cerca de 2000 metros cuadrados de frescos barrocos en pleno centro histórico de València. El templo, que ya era lugar de culto en época romana antes de ser mezquita e iglesia católica, combina magistralmente la arquitectura gótica con la ornamentación barroca y su visita te hará vivir toda una experiencia para los sentidos.

The tour of the industrial colony of modernist origin captivates visitors for its charm and the tranquility of the environment that transmits the atmosphere of the 19th century that still persists in its streets and makes it so special. Discover the largest modernist colony in Catalonia that, 120 years later, still preserves its heritage. The tour of Colonia Güell captivates with its charm and the tranquility of the environment. The 19th century atmosphere is still preserved in its streets, one of the elements that make it so special.
The importance of the Colonia Güell church in Gaudí's work is due to the fact that it is the first time that it uses its architectural innovations in a unitary way. As Gaudí himself said, if it had been completed it would have been "a monumental model of the Sagrada Família." Gaudí's laboratory, where he experimented with the innovations that he would later apply to the Sagrada Familia.

Immerse yourself in the impressive city of Barcelona from above! Unlimited Barcelona opens its doors to you so you can enjoy the city like never before, with 360º panoramic views that will leave you breathless. Its centrality, height and its large windows that run through the entire space are some of the reasons that make Unlimited Barcelona one of the best viewpoints in the city. This very special corner is located in a privileged location in the center: the emblematic 22-storey Urquinaona Tower. Do not miss the opportunity to go up to the sky of Barcelona. Are you coming?

Enjoy an interactive adventure in Sweet Space, a unique space full of innovative experiences and lots of fun. Uniting art and new digital trends, Sweet Space arrives in Madrid as the first location of a tour that will go to different places in Europe. In Sweet Space, everything has been designed to create an inclusive and diverse environment, a human connection through the universal power of taste.

You will take a tour of thematic rooms with interactive exhibitions that transform concepts and dreams into spaces that inspire imagination, creativity and of course... a touch of sweetness! Renowned artists, creatives and designers such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada or Okuda San Miguel have come together to exhibit selected pieces and stories that will stimulate your senses in unexpected ways. If you want to travel to this magical place, buy your tickets and prepare your camera. You will enjoy a category experience!

Periodically reviving, and thus revising its collection, the Museo Picasso Málaga follows in some way in the footsteps of Pablo Picasso, who did not stop innovating his own art throughout his life. Through a thematic and chronological journey, the new exhibition narrative at the Buenavista Palace allows the visitor to gain a deeper knowledge of Picasso's artistic career, grouping his work in a way that makes it possible to understand his work processes. Thus, in the sixth transformation carried out in the rooms of the Buenavista Palace since the museum opened its doors in 2003, a total of one hundred and twenty works are shown until 2023, the result of the negotiation that ratifies the commitment of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of the Junta de Andalucía with the Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso Foundation for Art (FABA), which has been further renewed with a total of 162 works by Picasso that come to join during this time at 233 in the own collection of the art gallery.

You will discover flamenco without losing its tradition and essence. With dance, singing and guitar. Option to complete the experience with a dinner on the terrace of Alegría Restaurant.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has interesting monuments in its founding neighborhoods. In the Triana neighborhood there are beautiful modernist buildings, and it was where the illustrious writer Benito Pérez Galdós was born. The old neighborhood of Vegueta was the place that saw Admiral Cristóbal Colón landfall up to three times.
Discover from the hand of an official guide the most emblematic streets of Las Palmas in its historic neighborhoods of Vegueta and Triana.

Visit the Island of Gran Canaria with these day trips:
Full day north of the island with cheeses, vineyards and coffee plantations
Bandama Route, Island Summits and Roque Nublo
Treasures of the South of Gran Canaria

Visit the Montserrat mountain from Barcelona. The Montserrat mountain is a unique rock formation in the world. Its highly recognizable silhouette is one of the symbols of Catalonia. Montserrat Abbey, rebuilt in the 19th century, houses a 12th-century image of the Virgin, the popular Moreneta, patron saint of Catalonia, and is an important center of pilgrimage and prayer for Catholics from all over the world.

Enjoy this day trip from Barcelona and visit, in the heart of L'Empordà, Figueres is the surrealist city par excellence. Its most illustrious citizen, Salvador Dalí, ordered the construction of a museum in the old Municipal Theater that constitutes an immersion in his world and an unforgettable experience. A short distance away, Girona, the capital of the province, offers the visitor a trip through one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe and a route through a medieval setting dominated by a river where the colored hanging houses give it a magical air.

Would you like to visit an art museum located in the first industrial modernist building in Barcelona? Come and see the interesting pictorial and sculptural work of Antoni Tàpies, the most relevant artist of Informalism.
Don't miss one of the most interesting modern and contemporary art museums in the city. Enjoy the artistic offer of Catalonia through the pictorial and sculptural work of Antoni Tàpies.
Tàpies' work was influenced in its early days by artists such as Paul Klee or Joan Miró. He was soon attracted by the expressiveness of the materials, an interest that was translated into fabrics with an intense texture and great communication possibilities. The iconographic language of Tàpies has resulted in a diverse and admired visual creation throughout the world.
The Fundació Antoni Tàpies offers you the possibility of exploring its collection of works by Antoni Tàpies, as well as enjoying temporary exhibitions by other artists.
The Fundació Antoni Tàpies building, modernist and industrial in type, is also a work of art: it was built at the end of the 19th century by the Catalan architect Lluís Domenech i Montaner, a pioneer of modernist architecture.

KBr is the new Photography Center with which Fundación MAPFRE in Barcelona is launching a new stage in its intense dedication to artistic photography. KBr Fundación Mapfre understands photography as a form of language that seeks to contribute to the international projection of Barcelona's creativity and cultural dynamism.
With two exhibition spaces, a bookstore, an area for educational activities and a multipurpose auditorium, KBr has become a national and international reference in the field of photography. This brand new 1,400m2 center is located at the foot of the iconic Mapfre Tower, in the Port Olimpic area on Barcelona's seafront, near the Poblenou Cultural District, and has two exhibition halls, a space for workshops, an auditorium and a bookstore.

Visit the impressive Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), housed in a modern building in the heart of the central district of El Raval, and explore its collections at your own pace. Discover a program that encompasses pioneering visual arts, film, music, events and educational activities.
Travel through some of the most complex visions of contemporary art in a space open to the exchange of ideas and experimentation. Surrounding a cultural plaza that includes a Gothic chapel and Richard Meier's iconic museum building, MACBA's permanent collections include works from the mid-20th century with a focus on post-1945 Catalan and Spanish art.
Benefit from a ticket valid for 1 month and enjoy multiple accesses. Daily tours are also included in your admission price, and the augmented reality app will make your visit a memorable experience.

Unique in Spain, the Museu de l’Eròtica offers a broad historical-cultural journey on the influence of eroticism on man since the beginning of time. An exciting adventure that takes place in Barcelona, ​​one of the most beautiful and erotic cities in the world and that has always attracted generations of artists, dreamers and adventurers. Its sexual diversity and tolerance make it a city with a unique erotic history.
A close encounter with the history of eroticism. The sexy world of the Hindu Kama Sutra, the erotic art prohibited in Japan, the origins of the Spanish pornographic cinema, the history of erotic art through the eyes of the great masters of painting and the most surprising sexual records.
more than 800 pieces the MEB collection offers a fascinating journey through the history of eroticism.
The visitor will see how human sexuality has been a source of inspiration, representing both explicitly and implicitly in terms of different cultures or codes of conduct that have marked different societies and historical moments. Painting, photography, sculpture and the most surprising inventions throughout 14 rooms. The best ending to such an exciting trip? The erotic garden.
The Museu de l’Eròtica wants to share the rich culture of eroticism that is part of the history of humanity. With the aim of transmitting this knowledge through entertainment and fun, it waits with the doors open to the visitor every day of the year in a privileged place, La Rambla, the busiest and most historic walk in the city and right in front of the most popular market, the Mercat de la Boqueria.

BIG FUN MUSEUM is the most original illusions and entertainment museum in Barcelona and in the whole of Spain. Enjoy thematic rooms, incredible 3D facilities, divo into the ball pool or walk through the upside down house.
Immerse yourself in an exciting world loaded with fantasies in 9 different museums: Believe it or not, Giant’s House, Topsy-Turvy House, Sweet Museum, Museum of Madness, Food Art, Alice through the Looking Glass, Dry Pool or the Museum of Illusions (the latter requires a separate ticket).
Have you already visited BIG FUN MUSEUM? Well, don’t tick the box just yet as the museum regularly updates all the interactive rooms to offer visitors the opportunity to visit and discover more themed museums. Have an exhilarating experience in one of the most magical museums in Barcelona and don’t forget your camera!
-Believe it or not : In this museum you will discover the most incredible facts and records worldwide. Secrets and mysteries, odd traditions and all kinds of strange beings.
-Giant’s House: Become a dwarf and discover a world where everything is gigantic.
-Topsy-Turvy House: llusion or reality? Discover the strangest house you’ve ever visited. You are going to have the chance to visit a house where physics rules do not apply.
-Sweet Museum: Dare to daydream! Enter a world full of marshmallow, candies, donuts and cotton candy
-Museum of Madness: You will discover several extreme psychiatric techniques applied throughout history. You will feel in the first person the fear...Will you be able to endure it?
-Food Art: Discover this collection of Modern art made with all kinds of food!
-Alice through the Looking Glass: Join the strange world of the mirrors created by Lewis Carroll. Walk through the endless forest, meet the speaking flowers and play the magic chess.
-Dry Pool: Jump into a pool and get out with your clothes dry! That is only possible in the Dry Pool. Here you only will choke by laughing!
-Museum of Illusions: The 3D paintings at the Museum of Illusions can come alive! Painted by the greatest artists of Barcelona

La Sèquia is the medieval canal (14th century) that has allowed the growth of Manresa and the agricultural development of a good part of the Pla de Bages. Following the path that borders its route, of 24.5 kilometers with a drop of only 10 meters, constitutes a truly memorable experience: temples, fortifications, hydraulic works, farmhouses and natural spaces transformed by water help us to understand the roots of this inland territory, the heart of Catalonia.
First, you will enjoy breakfast on the shore of Lake l’Agulla with magnificent views of the mountains of Montserrat (optional). Then you will walk with your guide a small section of the medieval canal discovering the history of one of the most important hydraulic engineering works in Europe. A flat route of singular beauty through the last stretch of the Sequia for all audiences. On this short excursion you will arrive at Sant Iscle, where you will have exclusive access to the old Romanesque Church of San Iscle and Santa Victoria.

The Manresa Technical Museum was inaugurated in 1992 within the city's impressive water tanks, today emptied and restored. Since 2009 they host two exhibitions that tell us, on the one hand, the importance of the arrival of water to the city thanks to the construction of the Manresa ditch, an impressive 26-kilometer canal built in the 14th century and that continues to supply the territory today. day, and on the other the evolution of the Catalan textile industry from the end of the Middle Ages to the present day, which has a set of machinery unique for its variety and good state of conservation.

The museum offers a journey through 500 years of history of the images, seeing the background and origins of cinema, as a technique and as a visual spectacle, as well as knowing the beginnings of the seventh art until the arrival of television.

The Tomàs Mallol Cinema-Collection Museum is a permanent, non-profit institution, open to the public as a space for scientific, cultural and recreational participation of citizens, and at the service of society and its development.

Its origin is found in the acquisition of the Tomás Mallol Collection of cinematographic and precinematographic objects by the City of Girona on January 28, 1994; and is located in the former headquarters of the city's water company, a building from the late nineteenth century known as "House of Waters."

It aims to become a center of revitalization of the world of cinema and visual shows, thanks to a continuous programming of activities and services that allow interaction with the visitor, aimed at a very wide audience, local, national and international.

Its mission is to favor the understanding and knowledge of the history of the moving image and of the cinema through the conservation, investigation, interpretation and exhibition of various collections, whose objects explain how the images were represented before the cinema and what was the technical process that led to the invention of the cinematograph in 1895.

Located in L'Escala, the SOLÉS Factory-Museum has been a family factory since 1888, which has the oldest facilities of all the salting factories in the town, and represents a unique opportunity to learn how anchovies are currently made from L 'Scale.
Adapted to the needs of the 21st century but maintaining the essence and tradition of our ancestors. Inside the Factory, a museum has recently been inaugurated to mark the 130th Anniversary of Salazones Solés. This museum has an area that can be visited with audio guides in 7 languages that allow the visitor to know the history of the company and the production processes in an interactive way and for all audiences, showing all the stages of the different gastronomic elaborations that the company offers . The price of the visit to the Museum includes a tasting of Solés Products on the new “Solés Chill-Out” terrace outside the factory.

Enjoy an exciting day full of fun, learning and everything a sports fan could ask for. Discover incredible sports feats and get inspired by some of your favorite stars. Rafael Nadal ensures that all exhibition spaces are educational as well as entertaining. And they are full of lessons that can be extrapolated from the tennis court to real life.
Learn about the personal stories and values ​​present in sport, such as effort, improvement, camaraderie, commitment and sportsmanship. All the values ​​that Nadal embodies. Witness first-hand what it takes to be a champion.
Sport Xperience invites visitors to experience an unforgettable adventure in a unique space, equipped with the latest technologies in audiovisual media and interactive screens that will allow you to be the star of your own sports experience.
Explore the exciting history of sport and discover your skills and values ​​first-hand through impressive simulators and facilities.

Explore the city in comfort aboard one of our double-decker tour buses. Discover San Sebastián with a single ticket, get on and off our buses as many times as you want and enjoy the city at your own pace.
The route has 15 stops around the city from where you can take the service. Join a tour designed for you to experience every last detail of this magnificent city! Visit the most important places in San Sebastián. From Paseo Nuevo to Plaza del Funicular, see the city's Aquarium and Chillida's famous sculpture, the Peine del Viento. Climb to the top of Monte Igeldo for the best views of the city and enjoy its theme park.
Get off to explore the different areas of interest, get back on the bus and continue your adventure through one of the most picturesque cities in the country. You will receive a map with all the relevant information about the service, its stops and a small guide to the city. Please bear in mind that the frequency of the service varies depending on the season.

Just 35 minutes from the M-40, you will find 114 games in the trees, and 33 zip lines spread over 7 adventure circuits: Kids, Explorer, Jungle, Adventure, Canopy, Sports and X-Trem; 4 Initiation; an authentic and fun challenge for all ages, in what is the largest zip line proposal in Madrid and in the Sierra de Guadarrama.
The park is located in the Recreational Zone of the Berceas, in the Dehesas de Cercedilla, next to the spectacular natural pools so in the summer months you can have a perfect day of adventure and swimming pools. It also has parking for cars and another bus parking with capacity for 12 vehicles. Very close to the tourist towns of Navacerrada and Guadarrama.

In Aventura Amazonia Pelayos you will find 99 games in the trees, and 25 zip lines, for adults and children, divided into 6 adventure circuits: MiniKids, Kids, Explorer, Jungle, Adventure and Sports; Initiation 3; and a 255m Supertiroline, the longest in Spain among trees. An authentic and fun challenge for all ages, in what is the largest zip line proposal in Madrid.
It is located behind the monastery of Santa María la Real, next to the M-501 and has a large parking lot for cars and buses.

Visit one of the best art galleries in the world. Marvel at its collection and follow your guide on a visit to the most important works it houses. See works like The Garden of Earthly Delights and enjoy preferential access to the museum.
Follow your guide through the Museum on a visit to the most important paintings. Admire some of the most famous European works by artists such as Bosco, El Greco, Velázquez, Goya or Rubens. Discover the initial purpose for which the building that today houses one of the most famous art galleries in the world was built.

Combine your guided visit to the Museo del Parado with other visits in Madrid to make your day more complete.

Encuéntrate con tu guía en el museo y evita las largas colas. Disfruta de una visita guiada por los cuadros más destacados de la colección y recorre el museo de arte contemporáneo más grande de Madrid. 
Descubre las historias detrás de todas las pinturas que verás. La colección permanente del museo contiene obras realizadas entre finales del siglo XIX y la actualidad. Hoy en día, los fondos del Museo Reina Sofía cuentan con más de 21.000 obras de arte. Visita los edificios Sabatini y Nouvel, las dos partes en las que se divide el museo.
Conoce la historia del museo y descubre por qué fue creado. Observa los bocetos del Guernica y compáralos con la obra final, expuesta en el Museo. 

Skip the lines and immerse yourself in the history of this beautiful place. Did you know that its size is twice that of Buckingham Palace? Built in the Italian Baroque style, it was the former residence of the Spanish Monarchy from 1766 to 1931. Today, it remains a great example of the establishment of Madrid as the capital of the kingdom.
Currently, the most important receptions of the Royal Crown are held there. Find out what hearings, gala dinners and signing agreements have been held over the years. Stroll through the Plaza de Armas. Marvel at the impressive tapestries and rooms decorated with elegant antique furniture. Follow your guide through the Grand Staircase, the Throne Room, and the Gala Dining Room, among others.
Once the guided tour is over, you can visit the Royal Armory on your own. Make sure you don't miss the views from the Plaza de Armas viewpoint!

Conoce la ciudad de una forma entretenida, amena e interesante. Escoge entre varias rutas turísticas en Sevilla, basadas en la cultura, naturaleza y ocio, siempre con guías bilingües con gran profesionalidad y experiencia.

Enjoy true flamenco art at Corral de la Morería. Inaugurated by Manuel del Rey in 1956, this tablao has presented the best artists of this art, including Pastora Imperio, La Chunga, María Albaicín, El Güito, Mario Maya, Manuela Vargas, Lucero Tena, Isabel Pantoja, Antonio Gades and Blanca del Rey, along with hundreds and hundreds of artists of cante, guitar and dance.
Located in a privileged place in the heart of Madrid - next to the Royal Palace, in the historic center of the city -, its furniture, Arab corbels and decoration from the 18th and 19th centuries will take you back in time and will place you in a setting that recalls the genuine tablaos of the origins of flamenco.
The show lasts 1:10 am and is made up of 9 artists: two star dancers, one star dancer, one star singer, three singers and two guitarists.
The show is designed and choreographed by its artistic director and National Flamenco Award winner Blanca del Rey.

Entra al templo y maravíllate con el monumento más importante de Barcelona. Aprende sobre la historia e importancia de la Sagrada Familia de la mano de tu guía local. Sorpréndete al ver su extraordinario interior, inspirado en motivos naturales e increíblemente rico en simbolismos. Paséate libremente alrededor de la nave sin dejar de escuchar las explicaciones de tu guía gracias a tu radio guía. 
Absorbe la belleza y detalles de la fusión arquitectónica y espiritual. Recorre el exterior del templo y descubre por ti mismo por qué fue declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO. Al finalizar tu visita podrás quedarte dentro del monumento y visitar el museo. Podrás encontrar una exposición de dibujos, maquetas y fotografías que narran la historia de la Basílica. El museo también exhibe información sobre la vida y obra del genio Gaudí. ¿Te lo vas a perder?

This is the perfect tour to discover the most beautiful corners of the city with little time available. Barcelona at your fingertips by land with a guided walking tour that will go through the oldest and most charming streets of the city, by sea on a 14-meter sailboat ready to set sail and show you the city's skyline while having a Catalan-style aperitif and by air, feeling the adrenaline of being about to touch the Sagrada Familia in a helicopter trip that you will hardly forget.

You will sail for just over an hour observing the Barcelona Skyline until you reach the coastal town of El Masnou. There you will disembark and a private vehicle will be waiting to take you to visit the cellars (journey of only ten minutes). A sommelier from the wineries will welcome you and offer a guided tour through the vineyards and wineries, where you will discover the process of producing organic wine and cava from a family winery. After the visit, in its wine tourism center, located among vineyards and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, you will enjoy a wine and cava tasting. One of the most beautiful nautical experiences in Barcelona!

Enjoy the most privileged views of Barcelona sailing in front of the Barceloneta beaches and bathe in the fresh waters of the Mediterranean! Take your paddle board and take the opportunity to learn or simply relax and let yourself be carried away by the waves. Take your drink to refresh yourself and start the morning differently!

Enjoy the most privileged views of Barcelona, sailing in front of the Barceloneta beaches while the last ray of sun falls on the city with the sunset that hides behind the Montjuic Mountain. Choose your favorite cava and enjoy it on this sunset sailing, while you appreciate the views offered by the Mediterranean and its Skyline at sunset.

Get to know Fuengirola comfortably aboard this tourist train. Explore the city with a single ticket, hop on and off as many times as you like and enjoy the service at your own pace. The route will take you to the most important places of interest in the city. Learn about the history and heritage of the city thanks to the audio guide, available in 7 languages. During the tour you will see the Paseo Marítimo, the fishing district of Los Boliches and its Roman site, the city's fairgrounds, the zoo and its most important monument, the Sohail Castle. During this time you can get on and off the train as many times as you want, something that will allow you to explore the essential places of Fuengirola.

Gijón City Tour is the official tourist bus service of the city. This route based on a Hop-on / Hop-off service will allow you to discover the city from a different perspective aboard a double-decker bus.
Explore Gijón at your own pace, enjoy panoramic views from the open top deck and visit the most important places in the city. The route has 9 stops and you can start the one-hour tour at any of them.

Located in Torremolinos, in Crocodile Park, you will find creatures that miraculously survive after 200 million years of evolution, who met dinosaurs and who use the same cold and relentless hunting techniques. Less than two meters away you will be able to contemplate crocodiles of different species in the world, and passing by them, you will spy the secrets of one of the most fascinating creatures on earth.
The place covers a large area with all the sections connected in a simple and intelligent way, with corridors, decks and paths with a large number of observation points, it is easy to see these prehistoric reptiles doing their job.
With many years of experience, the passionate guides at Cocodrile Park will give you a unique insight into the fascinating lives of these carnivores, which have existed since prehistoric times.

Enjoy an unforgettable tour and experience football from within. San Mamés is an iconic enclave, located in the center of Bilbao, where football has been played for more than a century.
AC Museoa offers you the possibility of taking the Tour of San Mamés with a guided tour in a group or individually accompanied by an audio guide that can be navigated from your mobile device.

Coasteering is one of the most powerful ways to experience nature, immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, and enjoy incredibly fun experiences. Coasteering is an adventure in which you walk along the coast, swim, do short rope climbs, go down a slide and experience rappelling, as well as many jumps into the water. It is an invigorating dose of adrenaline in an incredible setting of magnificent cliffs, caves, unforgettable views and one of the most biodiverse marine landscapes in Europe, on the coast of Sesimbra and Arrábida.

Zoo Koki (Zoological and Botanical Park) is one of the most important zoos in Castilla la Mancha that was born from the illusion and passion for fauna and flora. Initially it was a small private collection and over time it has become a modest zoological center but with great illusions. The basic pillars of a modern zoo are education, recreation and conservation and research and on this path they advance in this familiar and close zoo where you can talk, learn and share, but above all enjoy this place away from noise and contamination of this little corner built with passion and affection.
Get tickets to the Koki Zoo and see beautiful cats like jaguars, lynxes and ocelots; majestic birds of prey, emus, turtles and much more. The zoo is divided into thematic zones that reflect the habitats of each animal, and the more than 300 species of exotic flora scattered throughout the park give it a decidedly botanical touch.

Enjoy a fun and volcanic experience where everyone has their space, including the little ones.
Located in Playa Blanca, in the south of the island of Lanzarote, is the Aqualava water park, which stands out for the quality, modernity and sustainability of its facilities. The park is a tribute to the spectacular landscape of our land and its main characteristic, the volcanoes.
At Aqualava they are respectful with the environment. For this reason, the pools are heated through geothermal energy.

Mystical is that hidden reason that treats the spiritual and contemplative life, relative to the divine and, therefore, excellent and exquisite. Appropriate adjectives to define a show in the MYSTIKE-LE GRAND CIRQUE category, in which, over more than ninety minutes, artists who have participated in productions in the category of the prestigious Cirque du Soleil, winners of awards at different festivals Applauded and recognized by the general public, they convey the full force of the performing arts, creating an atmosphere full of magic in a theatrical environment.

In this water park you can enjoy different attractions such as: wave pools, fast rivers, slides, kamikazes and the fantastic soft slopes. A set of attractions aimed at both children and adults. The Water World water park in Lloret de Mar is the perfect space to spend unforgettable days with family and friends.
You will find the most suitable services for your comfort and experience, such as restaurants, creperies, picnic areas or pine forests, where you can relax and enjoy an enviable environment.
With these lines of presentation and with the experience of more than twenty years in the world of water parks, we recommend that you visit Catalonia, discover the Costa Brava and be sure to enjoy a day off at this water park. They will verify that they have chosen the best option for their vacations.

In this water park you can enjoy different attractions such as: wave pools, fast rivers, slides, kamikazes and the fantastic soft slopes. A set of attractions aimed at both children and adults. The Aquadiver water park in Platja D'Aro is the perfect space to spend unforgettable days with family and friends.
You will find the most suitable services for your comfort and experience, such as restaurants, creperies, picnic areas or pine forests, where you can relax and enjoy an enviable environment.
With these lines of presentation and with the experience of more than twenty years in the world of water parks, we recommend that you visit Catalonia, discover the Costa Brava and be sure to enjoy a day off at this water park. They will verify that they have chosen the best option for their vacations.

Book your tickets for Guadalpark Sevilla and you will enjoy the pleasant microclimate offered by its extensive vegetation (more than 2000 pine trees), less than 15 minutes from the center of Seville. Do you like swimming pools, water slides and sunbathing? Why not do all that in addition to one of the largest water parks in Spain? In Guadalpark Sevilla you can find attractions for all tastes: if you want to release adrenaline, get on the Alta Emoción. The moderate ones are designed for those who love fun. Children under 10 will have a great time in the Children's Zone.

In Tabernas, the only desert in Europe, the authentic settings of American western movies rise up, turned into the most original theme park in the Mediterranean. Oasys MiniHollywood has live shows, a large zoological reserve with more than 800 animals of 200 different species, a swimming pool area and a wide range of restaurants, educational activities and the organization of events and celebrations.

The marine universe has its own ecosystem and peculiarities, as well as different marine areas. All of them are part of the Water Cycle. Following the path of water circulation and transformation, Aquarium Costa de Almería allows you to get to know different marine communities on our planet. The tour of the Water Cycle will take you to discover the marine world through areas such as the Amazon, the Coral Reefs, the oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. Dive in and be fascinated by the incredible underwater universe!

The DinoPark Algar theme and educational park, located in a beautiful setting near Benidorm, will surprise you with dozens of life-size robotic, static and sound models. DinoPark Algar also has play areas, paleontological patio, 3D Cinema and botanical garden of cactuses. Take your family on a walk of fun and knowledge.

An exciting journey to the origins of cava:
Codorníu is synonymous with the history of a family of winegrowers that dates back to the 16th century. It is the oldest family business in Spain and one of the oldest in the world. It currently has more than 450 years of history.
Manuel Raventós, the great promoter of Codorníu, hired in 1895 the modernist architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch (a contemporary of Gaudí) to expand the winery. The building he built symbolizes the fruitful alliance between nature and human labor and is a stone tribute to the silence of cava. Since 1976 they have been a Historic Artistic Monument and one of the most impressive examples of architecture dedicated to the elaboration and aging of cavas.
Underground in a maze of underground cellars is where, for a century, Codorníu cavas carry out the second fermentation and aging at an always constant temperature. In 1872, Josep Raventós Fatjó made cava for the first time in Spain following the Traditional Method and using native Penedés grapes: Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada. In this way, he established a completely new industry in the region and linked the Codorníu brand to the history of cava.

On the night of July 12, 1977, with those intense applause, an emblematic story for culture, for music, for dance and the performing arts, for the expression of an entire active society that released freedoms with the arrival of democracy. . Thousands of kilowatts of light flooded the room, never to go out in these 38 years. After the first years of success in its first decade, the Benidorm Palace consolidated itself as a prestigious party hall and with an incomparable and unique offer on the peninsular coast. The program was varied and had the participation of great stars of the song or international vocal groups and with recognized orchestras, ballets and vedettes from countries with a long tradition in this type of shows.

Live an unforgettable experience on the coasts of Fuerteventura! We will go in a zodiac boat we will sail towards the natural park of Jandia, where you can often see dolphins and whales. Take in panoramic views of Fuerteventura's Morro jable coastline and learn about these friendly animals from your guide. We will pick you up and drop you off at the hotel after the cruise for free.

Visit the entire site, both outside and inside, at your own pace or with a guide, enjoying the content on offer. Gaudí's Caprice is one of the most important works of European modernism. This exotic and colorful mansion is one of the first works of Antoni Gaudí and one of the only three that you can visit outside of Catalonia.

The Castell de Castelldefels is much more than a castle, it is a recreational and cultural complex that offers different options: walk freely through the gardens, visit Piratia and the castle itself and enjoy the many activities that are organized throughout the year.

Castelldefels Castle, located on the coastal strip between the Garraf massif and Barcelona, is the protective and iconic symbol of the city. The church inside, dating from the 10th century, is the oldest part and is built on Iberian and Roman remains.
The Castle served for centuries for the territorial and defensive control of the city against the Arab invasions, and between the 16th and 17th centuries, against the attacks of Berber pirates.
In 1897 Manuel Girona, a Catalan banker and politician, bought and restored the Castle, which was in a state of ruins . During the civil war it was used as a military training center by the republican authorities and, later, the church became a barracks for international brigade members and a preventive prison for deserters and undisciplined people.

Come to the only amusement park in the Canary Islands, located in the largest leisure center in Gran Canaria. Ample space for fun with more than thirty attractions in its park, both outdoors and indoors. Feel the adrenaline by getting on the roller coaster or, if you prefer, you can enjoy our two-story carousel. Are you coming with children? Discover our Children's Park with 10 different play areas.

A unique way of touring the city of Cartagena, making the panoramic visit with an audio guide with the Cartagena Tourist Train. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Gaudí Experiència is a unique way of getting to know Antoni Gaudí and his work. Enter the imaginary world of Gaudí and immerse yourself in the universe of genius interactively and with the latest technology.
In Gaudí Experiència, you will experience first-hand how nature inspired the works of Gaudí with augmented reality and 4D audiovisuals: Interact with the immersive screen and enjoy the 4D audiovisuals, seats with movement and effects.
You will also find interactive walls in 9 languages: access the life and work of Gaudí according to your preferences and learn about the particularities of the genius.
Unpublished models of Park Güell and Hotel Attraction in New York and tablets with interactive games, so that the little ones can also enjoy.

The Mapfre Foundation's Recoletos Room is located in the building built by the architect Agustín Ortiz de Villajos for the Duchess of Medina de las Torres, near the Paseo del Prado, Madrid's center of culture.   ;
The exhibition area, after a series of refurbishment and restructuring works, has an approximate area of 1,000 m2, divided into three rooms in which we program exhibitions of plastic arts mainly, from the period covered from the final third of the 19th century until after the end of World War II. We opened its doors in the fall of 2008, coinciding with a new international perspective in our programming, after an in-depth review of the modernization of Spanish art from the last third of the 19th century to the Civil War. 

The Tablao Flamenco La Quimera brings to our days forgotten dances and songs, the essence of masters, who are the root.
They move away from technologies that did not exist in the 19th century, a stage in which FLAMENCO It was true, since there was only cante, guitar, clapping, dancing. Here they don't use microphones to help the voice and the guitar, but they have to make an effort with their natural tools, they don't use percussion boxes that cover up the bailaores' errors in rhythm, or violins, or flutes, or staging, or any gimmicky resource.
The only two ingredients they use are heart and soul, seasoned with a visceral delivery from the artists who don't have a script or a structural composition. Improvisation, emotion, feeling, what they call “duende”, flamenco face to face, as the great director Peter Brook said “one doing and the other looking”. If you give the truth, the viewer gets the truth, if you give everything you are not obliged to give more and if you get excited you will transmit emotion.

A live show. Full of nuances of art and purity. From the Soleà, the most intense sounds of flamenco are transmitted to the spectator, walking through the palos with more force. In the restaurant you will find exquisite typical dishes from the land of Granada and Andalusia with a careful presentation.

Away from the technologies that did not exist in the 19th century, a stage in which Flamenco was true, when there was only singing, guitar, clapping, dancing at the Tablao Flamenco Puro Arte, they will bring you forgotten dances and songs to our days, the essence of masters, which are the root. The only two ingredients they use are heart and soul, seasoned with a visceral delivery from artists who don't have a script or a structural composition. Improvisation, emotion, feeling, what they call “duende”, flamenco face to face, as the great director Peter Brook said “one doing and the other looking”. If you give the truth, the viewer gets the truth, if you give everything, you are not obliged to give more and if you get excited, you will transmit emotion.

Visit the most artistic park in Barcelona. Take a guided tour through the monument and learn about its history from a local guide. Discover all the secrets it hides!

Enter the Picasso Museum skipping the lines with your guide. Tour the Barrio del Born on a guided tour. Learn about the history of the city and learn curiosities about it. Visit emblematic points of interest in the city, such as the Arc de Triomfo or Santa María del Mar.

Visit two of the most important works of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Learn how nature influenced and inspired the wonderful work of the artist. Join a guided tour to discover the abundant symbolism of his work, the history and the hidden places of each monument together with a local guide.

Located on Montjuïc mountain, one of the most emblematic areas of Barcelona, Poble Espanyol reveals the essence of Spanish culture where history meets culture and leisure through a pleasant and quiet walk to the open air surrounded by nature and recreational spaces.
It was born with the aim of representing the essence of life in the towns of Spain, a mission that it maintains today thanks to the constant revision of its content. To enter the minds of creators, you can visit the exhibition "A photographic journey. The construction of Poble Espanyol".
In more than 40,000 m2 of open-air space, Poble Espanyol has become a museum that It houses 117 full-scale architectural constructions from various areas of Spain. Walking around we will discover a variety of restaurant offers with typical Spanish gastronomy products, shops where you can buy local products, audiovisual spaces and the Fran Daurel Museum where you can admire works of contemporary art.
In recent years the Poble has offered , apart from the usual content open 365 days a year, cultural and leisure activities in relation to the seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn.

Experience the magic of Disneyland Resort Paris.

Get your DisneyLand® Paris tickets for one or more consecutive days now. Also check our offers to visit the two Disney® Parks (DisneyLand Park and Walt Disney Studios Park). Come and enjoy an unforgettable place, where magic exists, and stories come true.

Aventura Amazonia Marbella, is the largest adventure park in Andalusia, and one of the leading theme parks on the Costa del Sol.
The park, located just 500 meters from the beach, It has 6 Adventure Circuits and includes the largest zip line between trees in Andalusia with a length of 240 m.
You will find 103 games in the trees, and 22 zip lines spread over 6 adventure circuits: MiniKids, Kids, Explorer, Jungle, Adventure and Sports; and 3 initiation circuits. You will also find the Monkey Jump, a spectacular jump into the void from a height of 12 m. In adventure in Marbella you will find 24 zip lines distributed along the adventure circuits, an authentic and fun challenge for all ages, in what is the largest zip line proposal in Malaga. If you are looking for the greatest fun in a zip line park in Malaga, get ready for a unique experience at Aventura Amazonia Marbella, an authentic adventure park in the trees.

Vibrate with each shot, emotion every second, infarct endings. Enjoying basketball at La Fonteta is a unique experience. The best national and international players in a show with endless attractions: games, dances, activations, pets and many gifts. The best plan to experience sport with friends or family and share the Culture of Effort. Come and find out and you'll know you've got it right from the first moment!

Viticulturists and winemakers with D.O. Cigales in Valoria La Buena. Concejo Bodegas, in a family winery with enormous roots in its area, dedicated to producing quality red and rosé wines, based on its own vineyards with a unique soil characterized by being the most limestone in the Duero Valley. If you like wine tourism, gastronomy and good wines, don't miss out on this opportunity.

The fascinating experience of sailing in the Strait of Gibraltar, an area declared an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2006, gains extra emotion when friendly inhabitants of its waters, the whales and dolphins, approach the boats to display and satisfy the curiosity of tourists. Up to seven species of cetaceans can be found in the Strait of Gibraltar: striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins, pilot whales, killer whales, sperm whales and fin whales. Enjoying the spectacle of sailing between two continents and two seas, you will also be able to observe other marine species in the area, such as schools of tuna, turtles, sunfish, etc.; and migratory birds, such as flamingos, storks, eagles, fishermen, etc.

Pola Park is an amusement park located in the town of Santa Pola, in Alicante. With up to 25 attractions for the whole family to enjoy, Pola Park offers a day of unlimited fun. An area of 24,000m2, which also has a wide variety of catering services, such as sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and pizzas. Landscaped walkways, lots of lighting and colors will be the atmosphere that surrounds you during your adventure in Pola Park.

Enjoy a unique experience. Come with your car or enjoy the hammock area (only available in summer). Enjoy the best premieres and movie classics on our giant 250-square-meter screen. Tune in to your station in the car. Restaurant with all the American flavor of the 50s and food service to your car.

Enjoy a unique experience. Come with your car or enjoy the hammock area (only available in summer). Enjoy the best premieres and movie classics on our giant 250-square-meter screen. Tune in to your station in the car. Restaurant with all the American flavor of the 50s and food service to your car.

A unique show with the best purebred Spanish horses, followed by a visit and wine tasting at a legendary Jerezana winery, with subsequent tasting of a selection of typically Andalusian products, enjoying on stage six artists representing the purest and most authentic flamenco from Jerez. 

Discover Granada as you have never imagined. Visit the Alhambra, the chapel, the cathedral, the historic center, the Albaicín neighborhood and Sacromonte and enjoy a magical night in the Alhambra, led by an expert guide.

VELÁZQUEZ TECH is a 360° sensory experience, where, through the new and most innovative leisure offer of the city of Madrid inspired by the universal icon, you can enjoy interactive installations of Meninas sculptures projected with video mapping accompanied by baroque music and contemporary rhythms, enter the Meninas canvas in 4 dimensions and in rooms with holograms to study the different reinterpretations of Velázquez's work, as well as enjoy installations with a selection of the most representative Meninas from the urban exhibition MENINAS MADRID GALLERY< br>

AQUAPARK COSTA TEGUISE is the largest water park in Lanzarote. We have more than 17 different attractions for all ages and all tastes, as well as swimming pools for everyone.

Acua Water Park, located in the tourist area of Corralejo, is the only water park in Fuerteventura. With more than 25,000 m2 of unlimited fun, the water park offers more than 14 attractions suitable for all audiences, as well as a wide gastronomic offer, entertainment service and children's club. All this makes Acua Water Park the ideal place to live an unbeatable experience.

Come to  Acua Water Park and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Fuerteventura.

Visit the Franco-Spanish Winery taking a tour of the different spaces  centenarians who have seen the history of La Rioja go by  since 1890. 

Enjoy the scenery and nature. Learn or complete your knowledge, taking with you the essence of its philosophy and the flavor of its wines. During this visit they will explain the importance of the excellence of the fruit from the vineyard to the glass.

Bodega Otazu is the winery with D.O.P. Pago located further north in Spain. It is located 8 km from Pamplona, just 60 km from the Cantabrian Sea and 35 km from the Pyrenees, in a small valley crossed by the Arga River and surrounded by the Perdón and Sarbil mountain ranges.
The philosophy of Bodega Otazu is to produce quality wines that convey their origin and the richness of their territory. For this reason, all its wines are made exclusively with grapes from the 116 hectares of its own vineyard that surround the winery: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Berués. In addition to having the D.O. Navarra, Bodega Otazu is one of the 19 wineries that has the recognition Protected Designation of Origin Payment, the highest category that a vineyard can obtain in Spain, which guarantees the selection and the inimitable personality of each of its wines.
The concept of wine tourism in Otazu contains a universe that encompasses history, culture, art, nature, territory, emotions... The magic of Bodega Otazu can be enjoyed through visits, tastings, meals or personalized events such as weddings, meetings of companies and VIP experiences.
Bodega Otazu: Wine, Art, History, Nature. 

Enjoy the attractions and services of the most complete water park on the Andalusian coast.
In the water attractions you will spend an unforgettable day. Enjoy the kamikaze, wave pool, waterfall lake, zig-zag, hydrotube, fast tracks, black hole, and the new attractions Tropical Mountain, whirlpool, water tower and Jacuzzi, for the little ones the children's pool and the new area of splash.
You can also have lunch in the picnic areas, barbecue, beach bar, ice cream parlor, waffle kiosk and visit the souvenir shop.
Some will prefer to relax in the large green areas, or enjoy games, trampolines, inflatables and recreational areas, protected by a team of lifeguards and a specialized medical service.

IKONO is a concept that is revolutionizing the leisure sector, providing customers with iconic spaces where they can enjoy unique and incomparable moments. It is a young and groundbreaking project that offers sensory experiences, challenging the creativity of visitors.
In the heart of Madrid, in front of the Reina Sofía, is the Ikono experience.
The experience It lasts approximately 60 minutes and is a collection of different worlds where you will come into contact with unique smells, colors and touches. In our more than 600m², you will experience a totally different and immersive concept, accompanied by the collaboration of local artists such as Ricardo Cavolo and you will be dazzled by scenarios that will inspire you and awaken your artistic self. The digital and the original merge into a unique place for your photos.
All ages can enjoy IKONO, the only requirement is that you make each space your own, transforming it into a unique place in the world. Being iconic is up to you. Do you dare?

One of the most important tablaos in Spain that began its journey in 1971. A must-see for both good flamenco fans and tourists curious to learn about Spanish culture and tradition. Enjoy a flamenco night in Madrid, with daily shows in a dream place and reference for flamenco lovers. A show that will make you feel the magic and flamenco passion with the true elf of the Spanish spell, accompanied by the most unmistakable flavor of Spanish cuisine.
Without a doubt, a splendid dinner on an unforgettable night!

Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, based in Jerez de la Frontera, is known worldwide for its exhibition “How the Andalusian Horses”, a unique show that exhibits and summarizes, in an apparently natural way, all the work that this institution has carried out since its foundation. 

Descubra en Sevilla el Río Guadalquivir, el río grande y milenario, el río romántico, el río de los conquistadores, único navegable en España. Disfrute durante todo el año de las hermosas panorámicas que nos ofrece esta vía privilegiada, durante el día o por la noche con Sevilla iluminada. Admire la variada arquitectura de sus puentes, sus monumentales riberas, o el paisaje futurista, legado de la Exposición Universal. Cruceros Turísticos Torre del Oro posee una moderna flota de buques perfectamente equipados, con todos los requisitos técnicos y humanos, necesarios para contribuir al disfrute de su visita.

Discover the thematic-cultural flamenco nights, in a didactic and entertaining way, the secrets of Flamenco sailing along the Guadalquivir.

Discover Katmandu Park® in Mallorca (Spain) - voted on Trip Advisor as the best amusement park in Mallorca and number #2 in Spain.
Enter a mythical world full of unexpected adventures, fast-paced rides, epic 4D encounters and aquatic fun. All the fun you can imagine is here! Join us on a journey through time and imagination for families and adventure seekers alike, everyone is free to have non-stop fun, everything imaginary comes true here!
Strategically located in the heart of Calviá beach and just 250 meters from the sea, Katmandu Park is the perfect place to have freedom of  Play your way thanks to flexible tickets with different options for both tourists and residents. Founded in 2007 with the iconic attraction The House, Katmandu Park has grown into a mythical theme park with 10 attractions.
Proudly known as the  friendliest theme park in Europe, the steampunk staff will make sure you have an unforgettable day full of fun.

Mario Park is the largest water park in Almería, a water park family perfect to spend a fantastic day of fun with your family, partner or with your friends, with more than 45,000m2 of surface, large green and shaded areas, a gastronomy offer to recharge your batteries and of course fun for all ages with the water as a fundamental element and the family as the protagonist.
The area dedicated to the little ones has slides, multitracks, fun theming and the star attraction that is the Boomerang Junior, all in a pool on the beach surrounded by a large area of hammocks and umbrellas from which to rest in peace.
If you are looking for strong emotions, we suggest you try the attractions such as Turbolance, the Kamikazes, Super Tornado, Black Hole and of course the Boomerang. If you want more moderate attractions and where you can launch all together, we recommend Multitracks , Rio Bravo, Zig-Zag and without forgetting the fun Wave Pool.
And when it comes to enjoying a more relaxing bath, the Jacuzzi and Lago Azul await you with its terrace bar La Isla in the center of the pool.

The vision of the architect and the winegrower united in a reinvented urban space that recovers a lost historical tradition of making wines in the center of Logroño. The visit begins by locating the setting of the vineyards, the Sierra de Yerga in Eastern Rioja, as well as a review of the past and present of the traditional viticultural culture. We will see century-old plots and how these vineyards are worked through sustainable and respectful viticulture.

Visit Toledo in a different way. Go on an adventure in an incomparable setting. What are you waiting for? Fly Toledo offers you a unique experience thanks to its urban zip line jumps. Visit Toledo and fly over the Tagus River in the historic center, next to the San Martín Bridge. FLY TOLEDO meets the highest safety standards. The special steel cable of the Great Zip Line resists several Tons.

Adventure activities such as kayaking, rafting, hiking or mountain biking, all of them from the heart of the Alto Pirineo Natural Park, in Llavorsí. Quality outdoor adventure on the river, on a lake, in the sea; for families, couples, groups of friends, co-workers or end-of-year experiences in schools; specific activities or for summer camps and campuses; for national or international clients.

Activities in calm waters and activities to do in the surroundings of the same lake, in the surroundings of the Alto Pirineo Natural Park. Some of the activities are: trekking in the Alto Pirineo Natural Park, mountain biking routes around the lake, archery and a wide variety of water activities in the lake itself, such as canoeing or kayaking.

Adventure activities such as kayaking or paddle surfing. Quality outdoor adventure along Vilanova y la Geltrú beach; for families, couples, groups of friends, co-workers or end-of-year experiences in schools; specific activities or for summer camps and campuses; for national or international clients.

From the creators of Pirates Reloaded, Gringos is the most unique night in Mallorca. With the tickets and stamps at the ready, this is bingo but not as you know it so far!
No description can do it justice; It is an unmissable hybrid experience. Expect chaos, raves, dances, big prizes and other great fun!
Don't confuse this with traditional bingo style, think disco and party atmosphere with music for everyone from tunes nostalgic songs, old school hymns and today's hits. There's adult humor from our host and wacky characters to keep the crowd entertained all night. So what is all the fuss about? The normal bingo rules still apply, with big jackpots and some other really fun and different prizes... but between games you'll be dancing as confetti fills the room. Even if you don't win, you're in for a big chunk of laughs and a wild night out that you won't forget.

Enter the wonderful underground world of the caves of Hams in Mallorca. For thousands of years they were one of nature's best kept secrets until they were discovered in 1905 by Pedro Caldentey. Today it is not only possible to visit the caves but also to enjoy a light and sound show inside.

Come to the Pirates show, and escape into a world full of action, dance, acrobatics and fantasy. A magical night that you will not forget. Embark on the adventure of your life! Join the Great Henry Morgan and his gang of brave buccaneers as they battle their French enemies to save their treasure. In the classic story of the good guys against the bad guys... The old trade routes witnessed many adventures and fierce battles between sailors and the fearsome pirates.
Join us to share an incredible adventure with our intrepid Pirates in his theater located in Magalluf. For an unforgettable evening Pirates Adventure - A night that the whole family will enjoy. You'll be speechless after watching the show.

Menorca is full of incredible corners that can only be accessed by boat. Sail for a day through its crystal clear waters and visit dream beaches.

Take a dip in Menorca with an action-packed day at Aqua Rock , the largest water park on the island. This is more than a chance to cool off, it's a roller coaster of emotions that will give your vacation an adrenaline rush. There's fun for the whole family, with different levels of excitement.

Attractions include the Black Hole, the legendary Kamikaze, and the wave pool!

Spend a day in paradise with this day trip by ferry to the island of Formentera. This beautiful island is located less than 4km south of Ibiza but is another world away from the hustle and bustle of its big sister. It is also a paradise for sun lovers, with some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. Take a modern ferry from the port of Ibiza to the port of LaSabina, the quiet capital of Formentera, and come back whenever you want: there are no schedule problems.

The amazing and virtually untouched island of Formentera is one of the few remaining secrets, not only in the Balearic Islands, but in all of Europe. This idyllic hideaway is just a 35-minute ferry ride south of Ibiza... and you can also make the journey on any of the glass-bottomed boats: Ulises Cat or Mediterránea (varies depending on ferry departure time) to visit this little paradise. In addition to having a glass floor, the ferries also have a cafeteria and open-air decks so you can enjoy the panoramic views.

You will enjoy the silent and comfortable sailing or motor navigation observing the spectacular yachts and cruise ships moored in the Port of Palma and the fascinating southwest coast of the Bay of Palma until we reach the beautiful cove of Illetes, where we stop in its waters crystalline and turquoise so that they can enjoy a peaceful bath, enjoy the large floating mattress and snorkel, sunbathe in the large solarium and enjoy the exclusive environment that this privileged place offers.

Do you like art and history?
Discover the Parador de Santiago de Compostela, one of the most emblematic and important buildings in the city after its cathedral. The Hostal de los Reyes Católicos preserves its essence of having been born as a Hospital for Pilgrims and that is why on this tour we invite the visitor to discover all its rooms: royal halls, cloisters, rooms where the sick were cared for, Royal Chapel...< /div>
Meet one of the best examples of the Spanish plateresque style and learn all the stories associated with the Camino de Santiago and the history of the city it hides.

Por los productores de CirCuba llega a Canarias una nueva gran producción acuática, sin duda el espectáculo mas innovador de los últimos años, este es AQUA un show ambientado en el mundo marino que gracias a una fascinante puesta en escena, a la mágica ambientación, ritmo y diversión transportara al publico a una dimensión irreal en la que todos, niños y mayores podrán percibir la ilusión de vivir una historia fantástica y sentirse como en un cuento hecho realidad.
AQUA es considerada como la respuesta Europea a el “Cirque du Soleil”. Un espectáculo para toda la familia que utiliza tecnologías de punta con efectos “mapping”, fantásticos juegos de luces, música en directo y extraordinarios cantantes.
Ambientado en un escenario acuático, el espectáculo cuenta la historia de un turista un poco indisciplinado que se siente atraído por la irresistible voz de una sirena, buscándola atropelladamente resbala y cae al fondo del mar, donde se encuentra con un mundo sorprendente habitado por extraordinarios seres marinos con los que vivirá una serie de aventuras llenas de acrobacias, fuerza y destreza. Junto a ellos nuestro protagonista aprende a respetar al mar y a sus habitantes, a no contaminarlo y a cuidarlo como este tan valioso ecosistema merece ser cuidado.

A spectacular exhibition of life-size Animatronic Dinosaurs. An authentic Jurassic Park.
Ideal to enjoy with the family in a space of 4000m2 and you can take pictures. It combines entertainment and fun, since it recreates habitats and scenarios of the earth at that time.
Projections that explain in a simple way life, food, reproduction, the spaces where they lived,...
Equipped with a robotic system, these great monsters move, emit roars and breathe, offering an aspect of reality that excites the little ones.