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Book now your tickets for the Valencia Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe. Located in the heart of the Túria river, the Oceanogràfic is perhaps the most successful tourist attraction in the impressive City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. You can buy your ticket to the Oceanogràfic online in less than a minute, and access the venue directly through the lathes with your tickets downloaded on your mobile (not valid for tablets).

Loro Parque is a sub-tropical park, recreating the natural habitat for tigers, gorillas, chimpanzees, alligators, pelicans, jaguars, flamingos, sea lions, koi fish, titi monkeys and even a giant turtle from the Galapagos Islands. All these animals inhabit one of the most interesting leisure parks in the world. It has the largest dolphinarium in Europe and the biggest penguin enclosure in the world, housing over 200 penguins. Loro Park also has an impressive aquarium with over 3,000 marine species and a giant 16 metre-long tunnel that visitors can walk underneath and feel surrounded by sharks!


Immerse yourself in Atlantis Aquarium Madrid, one of the most innovative and attractive offers on the national scene located at the intu Xanadú shopping center. A concept of educational and participatory leisure that blends perfectly with family entertainment. Atlantis Aquarium Madrid has a space of 6,000 square meters where, both large and small, you will find fun and very educational activities. They will learn about the importance of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. In addition, they will immerse themselves in a great adventure, in which they will be able to become guardians of seas and rivers. And to live an even more extraordinary experience, Atlantis Aquarium Madrid offers activities such as guided tours and extended reality experiences.

Cabárceno Nature Park is no ordinary zoo, nor is it a natural park. It is a man-made nature area, created from the primitive beauty of the karstic landscape, situated above 750 hectares of an old open face mine. It is home to around a hundred animal species from all five continents, living in semi-freedom in large enclosures where they live alongside one or more other species.

Bioparc Valencia is a new generation zoo based on the concept of zoo-immersion, submerging the visitors into the animals’ wild habitats.Bioparc Valencia is committed to animal conservation, as well as to educating and raising awareness about the need to preserve their original ecosystems. But, going beyond ethics and conservation, Bioparc Valence is a magical world that offers exciting experiences in all the park’s areas and during each moment of your visit. A place to venture and discover wild animals in their natural habitat.

Bioparc Fuengirola promotes a new model of zoo based on respect for nature and species conservation, a model that has become an example in Europe. When we refer to Bioparc Fuengirola we are refering to a different kind of zoo. It is a zoo where the animals live together in areas which recreate their natural habitat, contributing towards their development on every level. To visit this park is like entering a genuine documentary about the deepest tropical jungles.


Comprising one large central park in Teruel and 6 additional centres in 6 locations in the same province, Territorio Dinópolis combines science and fun allowing you to get close to the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Visit one, several, or all of them... It’s up to you! A journey back in time to 4,500 million years ago to hear the very first heartbeats on earth, you will discover how life emerged, along with some of the most extraordinary creatures to have ever walked the earth... The Dinosaurs!

It combines the entrance of the Oceanogràfic with the largest 4D Cinema in Spain, with 190 locations that reproduce different environments and adventures. Live in the projection room conditions such as wind, changes in light, aromas, snow, as well as vibration in the seats. Or take the Backstage Tour, a trip to the bowels of the largest aquarium in Europe, where you can discover its wildest side.

Meet the dolphins, seals, walruses and sea lions with Oceanogràfic activities. Enjoy sleeping among sharks, terriffic fun experience you can share with your friends. Activities designed for the whole family, where you can see the other side of the aquarium. Penguins fun, where Oceanogràfic monitors teach you how to feed them ... An experience you will never forget. Come and enjoy the Oceanográfic!

Venture inside Faunia, your nature theme park. Get ready to experience the full power of nature through your five senses: the heat and rain of the tropics, the freezing cold of the north and south poles, the darkness and danger of the night... and this isn’t all, because you’ll also feel the fluttering of butterflies, the creeping of the most terrifying spiders and the speed of the piranhas, as well as the penguins’ amusing walk.

Get your tickets to the Madrid Zoo Aquarium quickly and safely. You will enjoy one of the most important zoos in the world. 22 ha in the open air. You will see with your own eyes how panda bears, gorillas, Iberian lynxes or the more than 200 species that inhabit the spectacular Aquarium live. In high season you can enjoy interesting offers at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium. Are you coming to a ZOO in Capital Letters?

Barcelona Zoo is located in Ciudadela Park in Barcelona. Once the entry has been acquired, the amount will not be refunded under any circumstances. It is not allowed to leave the Zoo and come back with the same input. You must keep the entrance during the stay at the Zoo and show it to authorized if the requesting staff. It is strictly forbidden to touch the animals and feed them. Barcelona Zoo has three objectives: conservation, research and education. Receives numerous visits throughout the year, which is why we must respect the facilities and have appropriate behavior.

Reserve now your tickets for the Aquarium of Sevilla, and enjoy all the advantages of buying at Tixalia. Buy with security, we change the date if you can't go the scheduled day, get access to offers for large families and avoid the queues at the main box office. Spend a great day at the Aquarium of Sevilla, surrounded by turtles, sharks and giant octopuses, and don't forget to visit the Oceanarium, the main aquarium where bull sharks rest, because with more than 9 meters, is one of the deepest in Spain.

The Aquarium of Gijón puts at your disposal a tour of 60 freshwater and saltwater aquariums that will allow you to know in detail the flora and fauna of the world's seas. More than 2,000 cubic meters of water to recreate life in the Asturian rivers, the Cantabrian Coast, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Red Sea, the African Indian Ocean, the South Atlantic Ocean and the Subtropical Atlantic Ocean. All in two hours.

Salmon, eels, trout, sturgeon, box fish, bull sharks (almost three meters), gray and nurse live in the Aquarium of Gijón with the loggerhead turtles. These are just some of the 5,000 animals you can see during the visit.

The Aquarium aims to educate, disseminate and conserve the oceans. To this end, a "toca toca" zone has been created, where in small pools you can touch starfish, small fish or sea cucumbers.

You can not lose this!

Enjoy a day out with the family at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona, and discover the most important recreational and educational marine center in the world on Mediterranean themes.

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is a privileged place to get to know the bottom of the sea with all its inhabitants strolling through the 66 Mediterranean and tropical aquariums, where eleven thousand specimens of more than four hundred and fifty different species coexist. The largest and most spectacular Oceanarium, through which a transparent tunnel of more than 80 meters in length will bring you closer to the different types of sharks, moray eels, guitar fish, and many other species.

The permanent exhibition at Planet Aqua and Explora! It will show you the importance of the aquatic environment on planet earth and where the little ones can discover the world of the sea through the senses. You will also find at your disposal different services such as cafeteria, shop, auditorium and souvenir photo, among others.

Terra Natura is a new generation animal park where you will discover Zooimmersion, a new concept in habitat design that allows you to “touch” the animals through barriers which are invisible to the human eye. The 320,000 square metres occupied by this park just outside Benidorm is split into 4 zones or areas: Pangea, at the entrance to the park, America, Asia and Europe.

Terra Natura Murcia is a new generation animal park where you will discover Zooimmersion, a new concept in habitat design that allows you to “touch” the animals through barriers which are invisible to the human eye.The 165,445 square metres occupied by this park in Murcia is split into two zones or areas: The African Savannah and Iberian Peninsula.At Terra Natura you can see more than 300 animals of 50 different species, 3 of which are in danger of extinction, and more than 500 examples of over 50 tree, shrub and climbing species from the region.

Mundomar is a marine and exotic animal park where you will meet variety of species such as: flamingos, turtles, sea lions, bats, parrots, penguins and much more. To spend a day at Mundomar is to take a journey amongst the world of sea mammals. It has a children’s park where the little ones can have fun on the slides, ramps, bridges and a huge assortment of swings and other attractions. There is also a restaurant, panoramic views, an aviary, dolphinarium and much more.

Selwo Aventura is located in Estepona (Malaga) and offers us a day of nature, adventure and animals at a very reasonable price. Above all, if we take into account the offers that Selwo Aventura launches throughout the year, in which we can combine our visit to Selwo Aventura with Selwo Marina and the Benalmádena Cable Car.

Book your tickets for the visit "Serengeti Safari" in Selwo Aventura, a tour of the reserve of the lakes in a 4x4 that will take you very near as impressive animals like giraffes and rhinos, and which number them with explanations of an expert guide. If you prefer something more intense, you can book tickets for the "Obama Visit", the same that made the family of the American president in August 2010, which can interact with the animals in the park or feed them in an exclusive guided tour which combines sections walk with others in a private vehicle. Make the most of your tickets for Selwo Aventura!

You can buy your tickets for Selwo Marina right now and completely safely. Come and enjoy the first Dolphinarium or the only Ice Penguinarium that exists in Andalusia, with the offers for Selwo Marina that we publish from time to time.

Book your tickets for the "Dolphin Encounter" or "VIP visit to the Penguins," a unique approach to be closer than ever to the animals, discover their lifestyle and description. If you prefer something more intense, you can book tickets for "bathroom with sea lions." This experience will make you enjoy more than ever, where three copies of these marine mammals interact with you. Make the most of your tickets for Selwo Marina!

Promenades à cheval et à poney Get your Naturland tickets now and enjoy all the beauty of nature in the principality of Andorra. You will also discover a wide range of restaurants with proposals for all audiences, and an immense variety of outdoor activities that Naturland offers both for the elderly and the smallest of the house.

"The Soplao" is a mining term allusive to the air that is perceived hen shooting a gallery from another with less oxygen, of there the name of the cavity. It was discovered by miners who, around 1908, drilled the gallery called "The Isidra" with input "El Collao Prao" de Celis, flanked by high Peak Drill and Hugon and has the most wonderful views that we imagine. In range, from west to south, we can see the Asturian coast, the Sierra del Cuera, Peñamellera, the Naranjo de Bulnes and the Central Massif of the Picos de Europa. In the hills of our front and right behind Peñasagra Hozalba. Sierra southeast of Cordell and Pico Tres Mares.

El Acuario Fluvial de Zaragoza es el acuario fluvial más grande de Europa, tiene más de 2,5 millones de litros de agua, repartidos en 70 acuarios y acua-terrarios (se encuentra el tanque de agua dulce más grande de Europa, con 1,7 millones de litros de agua, y una profundidad de 9 metros) y acua-terrarios. Todos ellos se encuentran distribuidos en 3.500 metros cuadrados de instalación. En el Acuario fluvial de Zaragoza se propone un viaje a lo largo de 5 diferentes ríos que pertenecen a 5 continentes distintos: Nilo (África), Mekong (Asia), Amazonas (América), Murray-Darling (Oceanía) y Ebro (Europa). Aunque la gran mayoría de las especies animales exhibidas son peces, también se encuentran representados otros vertebrados como reptiles (caimán, serpientes, tortugas y varanos entre otros), mamíferos (nutria, tití), anfibios (ranas) e invertebrados (diferentes especies de corales, anémonas, insectos palo).

Oasis Park is a tropical theme park near the town of La Lajita, in the south of the island of Fuerteventura. Oasis Park in Fuerteventura is an open-air park with the largest number of camels in Europe. Here you can see a whole variety of exotic animals, including giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, chimpanzees, a large number of wild birds and much more. Entertainment is guaranteed at Oasis Park with its huge variety of shows and animal exhibitions, such as birds of prey, crocodiles, sea lions, and more.

The Parc Samà was built in 1881 coinciding with the cultural movement of romanticism, a new way of seeing the world where feelings prevailed over reason. This movement also came to gardening, so romantic gardens were designed with the premise of breaking with the rigidity and structure of the French garden and returning to nature, showing a desire often excessive for the wild and the exotic.
Parc Samà is said to be a paradise on earth. You'll see why as you cross hanging bridges, pass exotic statues, lush foliage, and picturesque ponds.
You'll see animals roaming freely, from fallow deer to blue and yellow macaws. Kids will love getting lost in the vegetable maze, a magical place designed to encourage sustainability!

En el Parque del Drago el visitante podrá contemplar uno de los seres vivientes más antiguos del mundo: El Drago Milenario. Este ejemplar declarado monumento nacional en 1917, es el más longevo de su especie con una edad
estimada de 1000 años. Además, es uno de los símbolos naturales, culturales e históricos más importantes de Canarias.

The Donostia Palacio del Mar Aquarium in San Sebastián was opened in 1928 at the initiative of the Oceanographic Society of Gipuzkoa (SOG). In fact, this was the first natural history museum to be set up in Spain. The museum is situated in the Palacio del Mar, built in 1928 by the Oceanographic Society of Guipúzcoa. The remains of the last whale to be captured in the Bay of Biscay are to be found here. The aquarium also features all the flora and fauna of the Cantabrian Sea, as well as an exhibition of the ship building process.

Junto al Muelle de Cruceros y a 200 metros de la Playa de Las Canteras, en el céntrico istmo de la ciudad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria se ha creado una de las edificaciones emblemáticas de la isla y de Canarias. Un gran Parque temático de la Biodiversidad de nuestro Planeta Azul, tiene tres zonas: ecosistemas marinos de superficie, ecosistemas marinos profundos y especies de agua dulce.

Marineland Mallorca opened its doors in 1970, being one of the first marine zoos in Spain and Europe. Since then, it has established itself as one of the parks with the best dolphin show and the best number within the show in the world.

The Mallorcan park is committed to research and fun, offering its public, in addition to the renowned dolphin exhibitions, numerous shows of sea lions, parrots and exotic birds. It also has impressive aquariums, where the visitor will immerse himself in a journey through various marine species of the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy the fastest way to climb Teide. When you get down from the cable car cabin you will be at 3,555 m high and you will have before you different options to enjoy the impressive landscape of the largest National Park of the Canary Islands.

During the day you can:
- Go up and down Teide by cable car: Every day

You can also enjoy the sunset on Mount Teide with any of these proposals:
- Cable car at sunset: Friday
- Night observation: During September and October on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. During November and December on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Palmitos Park is a zoological-botanical theme park located 10 km away. from the Maspalomas Lighthouse. A subtropical oasis nestled in a wonderful natural environment on the island. Its collection includes species of animals and plants from the 5 continents. The best of nature concentrated in a unique place. Visit the impressive dolphinarium with its spectacular show, the aquarium, the butterfly house and enjoy the incredible show of birds of prey, the show of parrots, meerkats, alligators and much more.

Jungle Park is the only true jungle in Europe with wild vegetation that is home to more than 300 animals. More than 100 different species and 2 incredible exhibits that you will not be able to forget. Animals, nature, fun… .discover this fascinating jungle. The spectacular raptor free flight display will surprise you. Keep your eyes wide open so you don't miss out on the most hectic scenes of speed and power in its purest form. And the family of Sea Lions will impress you with their natural abilities in and out of the water in an incredible display. And if the park seemed little to you, the beauty and color of birds from all over the world are not lacking: marabou, cranes, ibis, flamingos, swans, storks, parrots, macaws, parrots and countless exotic birds.

Located in Torremolinos, in Crocodile Park, you will find creatures that miraculously survive after 200 million years of evolution, who met dinosaurs and who use the same cold and relentless hunting techniques. Less than two meters away you will be able to contemplate crocodiles of different species in the world, and passing by them, you will spy the secrets of one of the most fascinating creatures on earth.
The place covers a large area with all the sections connected in a simple and intelligent way, with corridors, decks and paths with a large number of observation points, it is easy to see these prehistoric reptiles doing their job.
With many years of experience, the passionate guides at Cocodrile Park will give you a unique insight into the fascinating lives of these carnivores, which have existed since prehistoric times.

Zoo Koki (Zoological and Botanical Park) is one of the most important zoos in Castilla la Mancha that was born from the illusion and passion for fauna and flora. Initially it was a small private collection and over time it has become a modest zoological center but with great illusions. The basic pillars of a modern zoo are education, recreation and conservation and research and on this path they advance in this familiar and close zoo where you can talk, learn and share, but above all enjoy this place away from noise and contamination of this little corner built with passion and affection.
Get tickets to the Koki Zoo and see beautiful cats like jaguars, lynxes and ocelots; majestic birds of prey, emus, turtles and much more. The zoo is divided into thematic zones that reflect the habitats of each animal, and the more than 300 species of exotic flora scattered throughout the park give it a decidedly botanical touch.

The marine universe has its own ecosystem and peculiarities, as well as different marine areas. All of them are part of the Water Cycle. Following the path of water circulation and transformation, Aquarium Costa de Almería allows you to get to know different marine communities on our planet. The tour of the Water Cycle will take you to discover the marine world through areas such as the Amazon, the Coral Reefs, the oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. Dive in and be fascinated by the incredible underwater universe!