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Avenue René Monory, s/n, Chasseneuil-Du-Poitou
On its 25th Anniversary, Futuroscope lets your imagination run wild. To celebrate, the park offers you an exceptional programme. Be amazed by iMagic, a unique show with magic and conjuring tricks, comparable with best performances in Las Vegas. Spend a fun-packed time with the strange Peuple du Futur characters, creatures from the year 2112 who...

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  • Oferta Niños Gratis 1 día
Oferta Niños Gratis 1 día
Adult from 17 years old + 1 child free 5-16 years inclusive. Valid for 1 day. Online Offer.
  • Adult + Child FREE 1 day Offer
    Free entry for a child (5 to 16 years old) for the purchase of a 1-day adult ticket. The free entry of the child will be of the same type as that of the adult and for the same day.

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